Mar 15

lights, camera………..action.

Wickedly thick rounded bob......

Hey gang,

I saw we had a strange spike in activity on the site after several days of falling numbers so I thought it was time to offer up something new. I went back and looked at some video from after the Valentines cut. For you barber cape lovers ( John comes to mind :) ) Sorry I thought I got better video…in fact it is all but totally off camera.

What you will see if you decide to waste 3 minutes… is Mrs CB now wanting to negotiate for her dream couch.. I think she is setting the price purposely high…Mostly I am sharing it to show that Mrs CB … knows exactly the game. It took us a lot of years to get to this understanding… but we have a lot of fun with it.¬†



In other news …the last color job calmed down and I am liking it…I am afraid I am living in the monkey house.

You know when you go to the zoo and you go inot the Monkey house and it stinks really bad and you can’t beleive it… and then after a while the smell fades and by the end you don’t smell anything ? I am just a little afraid I am only use to it… maybe it has not gotten any better. Ill get some recent pictures up this weekend and you can give me your thoughts.



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  1. Wayner222

    Hi CB
    Nice little video, great shots of the freshly clippered nape.
    Only thing better would be if there was a clipper in there
    with the comb, then her hand goes up for a feel.
    I so wish I had a hair relationship with my wife like that.
    Buy the couch!

    1. CBadmin

      Thanks Wayner…

      Maybe next time I will do a video .. keeping her honest. In the past I have thought maybe the stylist and her had tried to pass off a #3 or #4… so Mrs CB had said if you don’t beleive me take a #2 all the way up and see if you can cut anything. I of course could not resist and …. after three or four passes ( pushing down a bit extra ) …

      … she was right… and I was satisfied. Lately I have not had any reasons to challange the length….. :)

  2. Digger Bob

    Beauty only increases the hunger for beauty

    1. CBadmin

      I don’t think I can argue that….. the more i get the more I want…

      Mrs Cb has set the bar fairly high for my expecations……. in other words I am spoiled.

  3. lsh_indy

    #2 over the ears? I say we all take up a collection to buy that freakin’ couch!!

    1. CBadmin

      Nice thought.. we are getting there… for now I just want to pay for the cuts and colors…

      thanks again to the site supports……..

  4. Enzo

    I love how Mrs CB was totally enjoying the negotiations in the video. Maybe you can try a slight asymmetric cut like Anna’s, and then gradually work it up on the side. It’s worth trying to negotiate.

    Speaking of Anna, she could totally rock that photo at the top of this page for a day. I know if she were to have her hair cut like that, the day after the trip to the salon, her hair would look no where near as good.

    1. CBadmin

      Anna could rock the leading photo on this post.

      I have very much enjoyed the many posts of Annas hair advernture..

      For those that are not up to speed on one of Annas posts she talks about using hair extensions to have some extra fun. She can have her long hair for a while and go back to being Enzo’s short haired lady… anytime.

      I have been thinking it would be fin to see Mrs CB with a really long bob… or flip… I do think we don’t have much in the back to clip on to. :)

  5. Haircrazy

    Excellent video CB. Stunning haircut on Mrs CB…especially like the clippered nape and thick shelf.mmDo you really think the Mrs would exchange her current cut for a bowlcut if she goy her dream couch ? I’m sure enough of us would contribute to the cause if she would go thru with the bowlcut.

    Question for the 2 of you…what products does Mrs CB use on her hair to get all that great movement and ability to comb thru and have it fall right back into place?

    1. CBadmin

      I don’t really think Mrs CB would trade for the couch…. I think she is setting an unrealistically high price for fun. I am however not beyond trying to secure some smaller victories.

      I just came home from getting my haircut… and yes at the fancy salon. I had told myself I was not going to get into Mrs CB’s hair talk. I was going to play it totally… could not care less…….

      yeah right… The stylist asked about how I liked my last cut…. ran her hands through my hair and made some mental notes.. Then she cleared her face and looked straight into the mirror and said… ok… So now lets talk about that last cut I did on your wife… she got a big grin. We had quite the talk….

      as for products… Most of the videos you see are right when she is blown out from the salon. No telling what the fancy folks are using… This stylist is an educator for a line so I am sure she has a full bag of tricks.

      1. motorbiking

        Scary woman this hairdresser – are you sure she doesn’t fancy you ūüėČ

  6. TC

    Wow CB, that’s the best video you have ever posted. You are one lucky lucky guy.
    Mrs CB’s hair is just perfect, straight from the salon. She should be highly pleased with the cut, colour, finish and stunning hairstyle. I especially appreciate the static mounted camera. That’s makes for super high quality video.
    You guys have a great relationship that comes across so well on the video. Well done to you both.
    I am dazzled.

    1. CBadmin

      best video ever ? well that is good.

      Mrs CB forgets and ften looks at the camera so .. I always lose a lot of footage. Regulars will note I am getting more careless with letting her face occasionally flash on the vids. Maybe after seeing Perfectcut and Anna being brave I have decided to not be overly protective.

      I will have to use the Tripod more. My brain is usually mush on haircut morning…..it is amazing I can work the camera at all.

      Thanks for the relationship comment….. I guess that is the most important part. I am hoping this spring and summer we can do more videos.

  7. Shirlgirl34

    Great video! I’m curious to see how the negotiations go. LOL

    1. Wally


      Please tell us about your new step cut. Looks like you cut it shortly after your last cut.
      One thing that I like on your fresh cuts is exposing your ears. That radically changes the line of your bob that makes your face look so much better (would love to see MrsCB with even a hint of ear showing).

      You & Mrs CB are true hair royalty. Thank you for allowing us to share your passion.

      Hey CB- I wouldn’t care if the couch was hard as a rock. If it made the Mrs happy and you can use it has bargaining leverage for that special cut, go for it! It’s only money, what is the value of that special fantasy cut, simply priceless!

      1. Shirlgirl34

        That’s actually how the styliest cut it, Wally. It just layed different for her. I get a little more volume out of it, as I’ve been using my big round brush. I’m wondering, CB, does Mrs. CB use a big round brush? ……..or is the volume simply cut into her hair?

        1. CBadmin

          Hey Shirlgirl,

          Mrs CB has a roundbrush and uses it.. but honestly I don’t think she does it right. I watch the salon ladies go at it and now that is using a round brush. Most of the videos I post are straight after they have done the round brushing. They actually get a lot of the straightness blowing it…. Mrs CB however tries to accomplish most things with a flat iron and a barrel iron. It works I guess but it just is not the same.

          I used to complain about what appeared to be Mrs CB’s mild retardation with styling tools… until she handed them to me and I tried it. There is a definate skill to it. Ever since trying it… and I mean really trying it, did I back off. I still think Mrs CB could do better….

          I have said this before. I think salons should teach classes in doing your style….

          1. Perfect-Cut

            CB and all others,

            I have had that same discussion with Mrs PC. “Why can’t you style your hair a well as Bonnie does?” I too tried to do it my self and it just isn’t as easy as it seems. I just read CB’s reply to the Mrs and she and I just laughed our asses off. Because it is the same discussion we have had. We plan to try and get some professional photos of the most recent cut and color this Tuesday and we have asked Bonnie to come over to blowout and style Mrs PC’s hair so that it can look as good as possible. Bonnie is a good friend now and we plan to take her out to dinner afterward to thank her for helping out.

            Unfortunately I got busy on Thursday and missed Mrs PC’s most recent salon appointment so no pictures of that. I have been pouring over tons of photos from 1998 to 2012 to cull out all the Mrs PC haircuts and “just her” photos so I can update my Gallery “The Cuts and Colors of Mrs PC”. Boy what an eye-opener. I had forgot some of the cuts and when you look at all the photos like in a slideshow it could look like I was married to a whole bunch of different women. The hair never gets down to her collar BUT all the different cuts and colors, sometimes gelled and most times soft; sometimes precise and sometimes messy.

            I’m beginning to think I’m going to have to break up “Cuts and Colors” gallery in several sections posting them over several weeks – you know “1998-2000 – The Brunette Years”, 2000-2002 – Blonde Highlights”; etc

            I figured out that to post videos on my web site I first need to load them to YouTube so posted three videos – one of the clippering and two of the blowout. The link is: http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePrfctCut/feed?filter=2

            I will post them to my blog http://www.The-Perfect-Cut.com as soon as I figure that out.

            Thanks CB and Mrs CB for the fun video and we are looking forward to seeing more (in both ways).


            1. motorbiking

              Its more about the temp of the dryer than the technique. You are meant to use a cool shot to set the shape, after you have dried it. All the rolling and lifting is to dry the hair in place, the final pass is normally on cool setting to set the shape.

  8. AngleBobCut

    The last 30 seconds of the video was pretty funny – thanks for sharing.

    This cut looks good but an asymmetric cut would look so hot on Mrs CB. Buy the couch!


    1. CBadmin

      Mrs CB was trying on some clothes today and I was voting for something with some big shoulders… She looked over and said.. yeah.. it starts with the shoulder pads… You’d like some big shoulder pads … and then I could shave it up over the ear… you want that 80’s hipster wife … don’t you. :)

      yeah for a little while… sure.

  9. john uk

    Thanks for posting this cape video Mr CB its greatly appreciated. I love Mrs CBS haircut the nape is great nice no1 clippercut at the bottom superb. I love seeing you combing her bob too great funny interaction from you both lovely to see. I do hope sometime you can film her side on showing the cape full length on her clipped on tight at the neck like the barbershop again maybe combing her hair asking how she got on at the salon its just fantastic. She looks great in your barbercape her cut is beautiful shes a very special lady sharing with us all. I hope one day the group could buy her a little gift in appreciation.
    Its a very special blog this very much like a special friend thankyou both of you

    1. CBadmin

      Hi John,

      Sorry for the lack of good video…. I will keep you in mind. This blog does get Mrs CB something. She gets to go to a salon for cuts and colors that I could otherwise not afford. The more support I get the more cuts I get. The more the site is dead the less attention I pay to updating. Just human nature I guess.

      Glad you like the blog…. we have a great group and for now we plan to keep on bloging… and cutting and coloring.. and capiing………

      thanks I know you are a big supporter

  10. Rockon

    Hey CB,

    Loved the video and the negotiations that ensued. Sounds a little like the way my wife and I interact around haircut time. She will see something she likes and comment on how she would love to have it while running her hand up her nape (our little code for “you know you like the buzzed nape, now buy this for me” :) ) Truth be told, she gets pretty much anything she wants, within reason, as I am a sucker for a buzzed nape! I just try to remember, you’re not manipulated if you know you are being manipulated.

    Hope to see more of this type of video in the future, you two are awesome together! It cracks me up to know that I’m not the only one that is a sucker for a women with an awesome haircut!! I only wish I had an extra 4 grand laying around…I’d lend it to ya and see if she would follow through or up the ante.

    Be well and tell your beautiful bride I said hey!!


  11. Perfect-Cut

    CB and all Hairheads,

    I have mastered youTube and inserting videos in my blog. Stop on by and check out the three videos I post at http://www.ThePerfectCut.com. One of the clippering of the nape and two of the blowout. Now that I have inserting videos down pat. I can go back and blog with words, photos and (now) videos about blog and document our journey to this A-line Bob before we move on to the next thing.

    Stop by, take a look and leave a comment.


    1. Enzo

      Blog is looking great PC. Looking forward to more updates

    2. motorbiking

      I really like your cuts through the ages gallary.

  12. LondonBobTog

    Hi CB

    Apologies for my ultra-late comment on this great post! My excuse, for what it’s worth, is that I’m currently working in Saudi Aradia (engineering, not photography – as you’ve probably guessed!!!) – and their internet restrictions can be a little tricky!

    Love the haircut and video. Maybe I can get a rich Sheikh interested in Coolbobs? I’m sure $4200 would be loose change to them!!!

    Best wishes to you both!

    LBT :)

    1. CBadmin

      This was classic…

      I will have to remind everyone… Mrs CB knows who LondonBobTog is…. and that he globe trots a bit.

      So I looked at her at dinner and said… Baby I have some good news… LondonBob has some shek friends and I think they are going to buy you that couch…..It is all the rage on the blog and everyone is really excited to see you with a full #2 over the ear asymmetric.

      She was in shock…..because it just was crazy enough to be real……… and then I laughed and said don’t worry we will wait for the couch first … but I did say you would go to that barber shop to do it……..< silence>

      I let her stew on that for a second…. and then laughed good… followed by the good girlie fist beating she gave me.

      1. LondonBobTog

        Funny, CB! And I’m pleased Mrs CB remembers me! I can just see the girlie fist beating!

        So I’ve been working here for 8 days now without a day off. I also haven’t had a drop of alcohol nor seen a woman without a burka since I got here – so I’m very much looking forward to getting home to London this weekend. I must resist the temptation to ask the first pretty bobbed woman I see to model for me – I need to get my calibration back, LOL!

        You’ve probably seen my completed Dolly and Sofia galleries – need to organise some new shoots soon – before they send me away again. Next trip: Thailand.


        LBT :)

        1. Rockon

          Now that is a Classic !!!

  13. Digger Bob

    Sooooo spoiled ……
    So am I
    The only way to live

  14. Wally

    To you folks that enjoy a ledge being cut, check out this video below.


    1. Rockon

      That is cool….Thanks Wally…anytime I get to see clippers on nape I love it!! By the way, did you guys catch a glimpse of the lady filming the cut, looks like she may have had some pretty good short hair herself!!

      Again, thanks for sharing Wally!!

      P.S. Has anyone heard from CB lately?? Long time, no hear….

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