Apr 18

Earrings and bobs…

Tick tock……three days until my birthday and the appointment is set. Mrs CB’s hair has grown out and lost a lot of shape and style. Unfortunately some very predictable things have happened…. Mrs CB is “having fun playing with  some hair” . She has once again talked a big game and is now in full back pedal. So I want to come clean and lower your expectations. I was hoping to get that fabulous birthday gift… you know the sports car with a bow on top. I think I am looking at more of a nice shirt and tie kind of present. I will open it and say thank you…  but I did really want the sports car…. The little boy in my wants to yell but you promised…. maybe if I cross my fingers Ill  get a remote controlled car. It will be better then a shirt but not nearly as cool as the car I wanted… Ill make the most of it and have the best time I can.




So come with me and dial back your expectations…….. I’ll pass out cake and ice cream and if I am lucky a few of you will think the cut is not too shabby.

Enough about that…So we have this post called Earrings and bobs…. what is that about ?

We have had some requests for some pictures with some hoop earrings and it has had me thinking. I used to be a real sharp bob and hoop junkie. Mrs CB would rarely pull off the big ones ( her hooker hoops) .. she would wear some smaller ones quite a bit. She does not seem to wear them too often anymore and I wondered if she even still has them.











I get that I love the contrast of these bob cuts… I like the long bang contrasted with the clippered neck. I like the one short side contrasted with the long side… I can;t really pinpoint why I think a sharp bob needs a nice pair of hoops but I get you guys that dig them. I like all big dangling earrings. Mrs CB was not so much into them. I would love have her wear 6 inch things that touched her shoulders… but I just can’t pull off the negotiations. Truth told I put all my energy into getting the cut.

So that is all well and good but the support for my site is waining … and with good reason. So I thought just maybe I could win back a few readers with blast from the past post. I know we have some service men in the deserts of Afganistan wishing for a little something.










So I dug into the old old stuff….. and some of these I have posted before and some of these are from sets you have seen parts of. The pictures will no doubt look familiar but you may not have seen these exact shots.










So I went through about 20 or 25 sets and randomly grabbed some shots with earrings. During this process I was reminded of how much I like them.. I know many of you will not find this at all interesting… it is not your twist but you will at least see some nice hair along the way.











I did not have the time or energy to watermark these. I should use them to drum up support for the site but I will just have to count on your guys policing yourself and supporting me from time to time.

Anyway that was a random selection of earring shots from the past… and I hope you enjoyed a picture or two. I want to be in your bookmarks of sites to check from time to time.

Hope you have a favorite.











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  1. Wayner222

    Hi CB
    I really dig all those dark bob photos, especially ones with big hoops.
    9th one from the top is my fave, love the freshly shaved hairline!
    Don’t worry too much about the birthday cut, Mrs CB always comes through.
    Maybe a little longer bob with the nape shaved under?
    We have cuts planned for Thurs. Hoping to talk to the stylist, maybe get a
    hairline like the 9th photo.

    1. Wayner222

      I also love the dangly earings, Mrs never wore them though.
      I bought her some for christmas this year, she seemed a
      little reluctant at first but they’ve been on ever since!

  2. motorbiking

    Wow some pretty extreme bobs there. I like the black, but then it was fashion a few years back, which has now dropped off. There has certainly been some evolution over the years.

    1. CBadmin

      I get lots of requests for the black bob days… some of the pictures look good but I wish we could have afforded better color sometimes….her natural color is very dark but some of these blacks are TOO black.

      1. motorbiking

        Its the nature of the colour. Some say there is colour and there is black. Black hair colour is very different chemically to other hair colours. Its more like a coat of paint than something which modifies the pigment.

  3. Enzo

    A great blast from the past CB. These were the photos that first brought me to this site. I used to favor lighter hair colors, but since Anna had gone to black, I’m really digging the darker shaded bobs. The earring add an added touch of elegance. I too love the big hoops, but they seem to be somewhat dated now. I really don’t see too many women wearing them. I’m glad I got some photos of Anna with the big hoops. I’ll have to get her to put them on ne next time we take pictures. until then, here are some images of Anna with the big hoops


    1. CBadmin

      Ha.. I followed your link before I read your post and for a second I thought Anna had gone lighter. I soon realized… I like the darker bobs… I actaully like light brown the best. I am always trying to get Mrs CB to stay in the light brown world.. but she is always so eager to go for a blond.maybe one day we will go back to darker…..

  4. LondonBobTog

    I’m sure I’ve said this before, but images from the sets above where the very first bob pictures that I downloaded. I loved the volume, the contrast against the shorn nape and the intense black colour (and still do). I realised, for the first time, that for someone to be posting these proved that I wasn’t alone! Mrs CB was my fantasy woman (maybe she still is, LOL)! And I am a fan of hoops – as Raquel will also testify!

    So I now have time to shoot again (got back from Dubai again today) but the UK weather is now wet and cold! Damn it! Fingers crossed for the weekend – I need to update my site!

    LBT :)

    1. CBadmin

      Another vote for the deep blacks of the old days… glad to see so many remember these pictures. I bet you old regulars can spot her pictures around the net as fast as I can.

      Man I bet you have some frequent flyer miles built up………but I have not seen much about updates to your gallery… spring is here….

      Yeah it is raining here as I type.

  5. MEH

    Man nice pictures once again. I hope Mrs CB will post some pictures with her hoops on. I am honest about willing to buy them and have them shipped to her. If she wants me to do that let me know and i will get them out to her!!!! Seems there is some interested in this category and I think we would love to see some more.


    1. CBadmin

      Na.. no need to send hoops. Ill have to find Mrs CB’s got some pretty good sized ones somewhere. Maybe if I can’t find them Ill take a bit of the advertising money and buy a big par of 4 inch silver hoops…. just for kicks.

      1. MEH

        Check out ebay. 4 Inch silver hoops would be under $10 and the 6 inch hoops would be around $25….

  6. TC

    Good filler blog while we all wait for the re-style of Mrs CB classic sharp bob. Thanks for the trawl through the past cuts; they are all really good.

    At the end of the day whilst she is enjoying longer hair just now she knows inside that the shorter the style the less time she needs to get it absolutely perfect. Just compare how much bulk she is wearing right now and how long it takes her to get it ready. When she goes for the cropping she will free up so much more play time for you. It will be great, CB. Have faith.

    Your faithful followers await just as much.

    1. CBadmin

      Filler blog is about right….

      I was thinking I could get her with the slow down in the morning routine… today she worked it for a long time and looked at me from the bathroom as I lay in bed… and said. ” my hair looks F’ing hot ” … and strolled away.

      She was actually correct. I kind of hate to cut it.

      She has however gone too long already…….

  7. Loveherhair

    Hello CB,

    Thanks for all the new-old pics of Mrs. CB with dark hair and big hoops. I have a new personal favorite of Mrs. CB, it is the one labeled as rudys3. The Nape, The Color, The Hoops, Oh MY!

    I hope you get what you want for your birthday!


  8. CBadmin

    You like Rudys3…

    That was from Rudys Barbershop … I used to love taking her there. it was 60% women… with load music and clippers and no telling what you would see. I used to try to go when the line would be the longest.. a good two hour wait was the best way o spend a Saturday morning.


  9. motorbiking

    I have to say CB, I have to respect the way you are cool about other hair heads admiring (and possibly more) your wife.

    I remember once going to one of mrs motorbiking office parties, in the days when (at her choice) I kept her hair cropped super short. about 1.5 – 2″. Quite a few (knowing that I was responsible) came up to me and either commented on how good, bad or otherwise it was. It was quite clear that a few of them had a crush on mrs motorbiking. Those who were most vocal about wanting to change it clearly had the biggest interest.

    I’m not a jelous person, but I was not comfy with others perving over my wide.

  10. Wally

    Great set of pictures. The 6th picture down, where MrsCB is right in front of the window with the blinds down is my favorite shot of the bunch.

    Well let me tell you about my wife’s back pedal, then surprise. She has a buzz back/sides pixie with longish bangs.

    Couple months ago she mentioned she may wat to go with super short bangs. Well she chickened out at the salon and got her standard cut (Can’t complain with any form of a clipper cut).

    Well Tuesday night was her last cut. She was in the kitchen with her back turned and I immediately saw her back was longer- maybe a #3 not a 2. My heart sunk as well. But then she turned around and she had her bangs taken off really short-Emma Watson fresh cut short.

    Well needless to say, we were about 10 minutes late for dinner Tusday night. But we had no ice cream to later celebrate.

    My wife was very scared to get them but she actually loves them. She likes the but longer back/sides that she claims offsets the super short bangs. I want both, but we all know how that goes.

    Happy birthday CB. I hope you get your birthday ice cream.

  11. oakie

    Hey some of those nape cuts are pretty tite… very nice… bring it back

  12. Toon

    Very nice pictures. Keep hoping for the best and a very happy birthday tomorrow!

  13. bobbygirl

    happy brithday CB hope you like your present. happy days mate i love the earring as well. my wife cut her hair short from an a line bob the same as mrs PCs latest cut. she had it for three years and wanted to have a change she hates it. well its to late now. a long wait now to get some lenght back i wont say i told her so but i did. anyway you just enjoy your brithday and if things dont go to plan try not to get to upset like me.

  14. Fastlane10

    Wow!! Classic look are always the best! Looks stunning! Great pics

  15. MEH

    MR. CB,
    Hey hope you had a great birthday. I see Mrs. CB gave you a nice cut for your birthday!!! Very nice as usual. I was hoping for my birthday she would email me some 4 or 5 inch hoop pictures. My birthday is on the 13th of May and I am still in Afghanistan for 4 1/2 more months. I hope she will do this for me!!


  16. MEH

    I was just wondering if you picked up any nice hoops for Mrs. CB? I was hoping i would have gotten some sweet pictures from here for my birthday but nothing came. i figured i would ask again and see if she has decided to wear some nice sized ones for pictures. Please!!!


  17. haircrazy

    I’m a huge fan of high angle buzzed nape bobs. With that said, another style that always got my attention and turned a lot of heads was a take off of inverse bob where the back was all spiked…the best one’s were where the spiked hair looked like soft fur. Anybody else remember this style ? I’ve been looking for pics but have not had any luck. Anyone know of where else to looked for pics of bobs with spiked back ?

  18. MEH

    Mr. CB,
    I have found some more hoops for Mrs. CB to wear for us. If she will wear them for a few pictures i will throw the money out to get them for her. Here are the links for the pair I have found.


    Please see what she will do with these and email me back to let me know. i am not meaning to be a pain in the butt but the perfect hair and the perfect hoops. OMG what else can we ask for!!!!!!


  19. spud

    Well without getting too political I think you’re negotiation skills seem to mirror Obama. The way I see it Obama has a point of view which I will call one and the GOP has a point of view which I will call ten. Seems to me that whenever Obama negotiates he walks into the room and says OK I’ll give you five what’s the counter offer? But he’s already given away half! So CB hold your ground and be firm. Its you’re party and if you want cry and scream and hold your breath, go for it :-) I’m also remembering that it was Mrs CB who originally offered an earlobe and wasnt it just a few haircuts ago when the bob seemed lost that she went out got the undercut that saved the shelf and also lost a lot on the sides.

    May the force be strong with you Grasshopper

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  21. CBadmin

    Glad you found us here and are enjoying yourself. Feel free to jump in to the latest comments when we have new postings.

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