Apr 24

The law of haircuts ?

Here we are on Monday night and I am sure you long time watchers have figured that is when I usually come down off my hair high. I wish more than ever I had my old website back so I could look through the articles and laugh at all the times I have been down this road.I keep thinking back to all my recent experiences both good and bad…

[notice] I am left with this… “the quality of the haircut seems to be inversely proportional to my excitement.” [/notice]


I thank you all for your comments because you don’t know how importnt they were this weekend. So many of you expressed the spirit to just be happy and enjoy your birthday. I feel like I have blogged about disappointment too many times. I almost made a quick post with no pictures and just a vague reference to everything being just fine.

If you are looking for great pictures…. this is probably when you want to be clicking over to one of the other ” blog about my wife’s hair” sites. If you stick around you were warned.

Ok- the pictures are exceedingly poor because I took them only after Mrs CB had washed and very poorly styled her hair. She was sad and I needed to pretend to take  pictures for the site and you guys. Well what the hell happened ? I don’t even know myself. Mrs CB tried to get a “lot ” of hair cut…. and she cut the sides shorter then she likes and the stylist put in all sorts of strange layers…. I am sure she was pushing for the back to be super high…. so wham … the clippers plowed right through my weight line/ shelf / ledge. In fact Mrs CB pushed herself to a point that she feels she has no hair up front and the back is clippered dare I say too much?

When Mrs CB pulled in….. my daughter came down stairs as she needed to talk to mom. Usually I have the home from salon time to myself. When Mrs CB came in I could tell she was not happy…. and that is unusual… I knew the cut was not to my liking … but tried to play it cool. My daughter was badgering my wife as she was watching my every  sad look. When we were alone it started to fall apart… she started to cry a little.

Luckily, I have been down this road and jumped into damage control. This was no longer about this haircut.. it was now going to be about all hair adventures. I told her how good it looked and how much I appreciated her boldness and daring. I lied with every ounce of me. Even as I write this… I can’t but help think I have written this before almost word for word.

Blogging is funny business it starts to change you. I feel some weird sense of duty to produce even better pictures… to really hit it out of the park. Honestly one of the first feelings I have is that maybe I should not be all wrapped up in sharing all these victories and defeats. Out here content is king…. and I can only post so many times about what I hope to get.

We almost made it to earlobe

I am really on the fence about even posting 3 pictures…. somehow it tarnishes Mrs CB. I know the pictures I like and this is not them.

Everything will be fine…this weird cut will grow out and when my expectations are low.. I should get a kick ass cut. It would have looked a lot better if I had gotten pictures straight home from the salon. ( I even looked for hoops, and we both can’t find any, we will buy some ) Mrs Cb’s hair has been growing fast and with any luck in a few weeks we can carve something out I like… I would be very happy just to get back to my old comfy cut.

In other news our fancy stylist as the fancy salon that just did the cut I hate… went up a level…. and that means more money.. I think we may have to start up the journey for a new stylist…..or even let the coloring lady try it again…..hell I don’t know. I know it is not terrible….and much has to do with the poor styling.

I guess what really gets me is how she does not see the vision I have tried so many times to explain. When I asked about the blunt shelf in back she said .. ” I might have forgotten that part ”  I just have to love her for trying..

This post does not leave you al much to say but.. hey CB it is not too bad.. cheer up… you ar still good. .

I will try to come up with some other topic that we can actually discuss.


It seems the best thing I can do is not worry about it…..

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  1. Blah

    You are one lucky man, I for one love it. I’d have thought I died and went to heaven if my wife did that!

    1. CBadmin


      I appreciate that I should be thankful….. and I am trying not to bitch as much as share my inner turmoil. You know the way I really feel. I did look much better when it was salon fresh..

      1. motorbiking

        The thing that makes this blog so compelling is your writing style, not the quality of haircuts or otherwise, its the way you describe your feelings. Its got me hooked.

        1. CBadmin

          This was a very nice comment and not because I think am a great writer … but the oppisite. I am often a little embarrased about the way things come out and my butchering of spelling. Basic skills that I struggle with.

          When it comes to writing on thsi blog for the most part I go in to a trance of sorts. I just say whatever I feel and hope something worthwhile comes out. I can only jump on the blog when I am in the groove.

          So these words hit a good spot.


  2. Wayner222

    Hey CB
    Sorry to hear about the dissapointing cut, it’s not the worst thing
    that could happen though. We had cuts on Thurs. and I was also
    dissatified with the result, just not up to the stylists capabilities.
    But all I can think about is how good it will look next time.
    It’s not a terrible cut, in a few weeks it will be ready for a trim
    and all will be well.

  3. CBadmin

    Good attitude Wayner…..

    I am so glad every few months we get a do over.

    1. sxeena

      new blog :http://womensshortbobcuts.blogspot.fi/

  4. G

    Hi Mr. and Mrs. CB. Sorry for not having posted earlier/ I’ve been keeping up on the latest hair adventures, and I’m a fan of every cut Mrs. CB gets, including this one. Although I empathize with the disappointment of not getting exactly what you want (my wife once accidentally had a Japanese stylist “chop” or thin or whatever they do with the cutting knife to make thick, healthy hair look thin and weak), I think this cut is daring and youthful. The sides look cute, and the back is well-cut, or so it seems. Layers grow out, and the high line will make a great shelf when it starts to grow. I think Mrs. CB is brave to get these haircuts — she shows her commitment to you. I’d have fun with the short cut/ like always, another cut is only months away.

    1. CBadmin

      I have had a few run ins with crazy asian stylists.. they can be fantastic and terrible. Mrs CB is brave… I will admit I know she takes some heat from these haircuts. Oh yeah you say… yep one of her customers told her he was sad because she had finally started to grow her hair out. I wanted to be mad… but I voice my unwelcome opinions sometimes. I have no problem telling the marketing girl she needs haircut…. so I guess people can beg not to cut it.

      1. G

        My wife takes some “heat” for her daring bob cuts, but she brushes off the criticism. She thinks that fashion is about risk, and the bob cut defines the risk: to reveal femininity/ the neckline. People can say and think what they like. I’ve noticed more than a few men and women both comment how they “wish” they could carry off the bob haircut, especially the clippered nape. I think it’s cool that Mrs. CB pushed the back up high. Weight lines are easy to get cut back in, and they tend to look best before they get too bulky. It takes a master stylist to get the weight line right.

        I can’t keep my mouth shut. When I see the girls with body modifications (tattoos, ect.) get positive attention, I’m happy that I’m into hair, the ever-changing style feature. Even a shaved nape grows into something in a matter of a week. The push/pull of the cut/grow-out is behind the tension that makes it all so much fun.

  5. motorbiking

    I think you have to admire the her bravery; she has got a cut that goes against the convention of a good bob and against what she likes. She has had it cut way above the occipital bone and that rarely produces good results even with a good shaped head. I personally prefer the graduation, than the thick shelf, but I am not so keen on the now disconnected nape, I preferred when the sides met the back. I think you could improve it a lot with some leave in conditioner or styling serum, because this would make the hair appear fractionally longer. I would say its only about 2cm too high at the back, so by my reckoning that’s 2-3 weeks tops or for normal people about a month ;). I also reckon she looks at your site for ideas. It certainly looks like she was trying to replicate some of the dark bob days.
    I had my own haircut negotiation at the weekend, the wife is still on about making major modifications to our house. It is already heavily extended and the original building (1920) sits on very shallow foundations. She doesn’t understand the engineering effort that would be needed to make the old part more open plan. I found myself saying I might get a better picture in my mind while cutting your hair tonight. I can’t believe I am starting down this road, just for a haircut. 😉

    Still I got to do the haircut and unusually she remained completely quiet during the haircut and did exactly what she was told – which is sooooo rare 😀

    1. Perfect-Cut


      I also prefer the graduated nape vs. the shelf. I think this cut looks like the header photo which I have always liked. A nice cut from what I can see.


      I’m not a religious man but I feel blessed to be able to be in the salon (remember Mrs CB talked you out of going to the salon with her) and that our Bonnie (see a new picture of Bonnie, Mrs PC and “me” on the ABOUT page of http://www.The-Perfect-Cut.com) has been with us for so long. But even with all this going for us, Bonnie has advised me that a “hair couple” (being a connoisseur of short hair and very picky) to communicate, communicate and communicate to their haircutter. Even say what you want done five different times in three different ways. On our last A-line haircut (photos to come in May when I get time while staying with my 98-yr old Dad) I wanted to end the dark hair UNDER the longer crown hair at the top of the nape – left over from the previous undercut. Thought I had communicated what I wanted to Bonnie. I went to get lunch for us. Came back when the coloring was complete. Saw it and didn’t see anything odd. When the cutting started I could see that she hair NOT blonded the underhair. We “corrected” it a bit by cutting the short nape up higher. Lesson: even the best of circumstances can lead to misunderstanding and less-than-optimum haircuts.

      How does the front look? Nice? Mrs CB appears to have a very pretty face that can make almost any haircut look great. Take a look at this lady’s new long A-line Bob.



      1. CBadmin

        Yes Perfect cut,

        you got the salon hook up to brag about… I wish I could sit with our stylist and plot and plan together…. and the important part would be the part where the stylist remembers what the heck we talked about. My stylist lets me talk about the details of the cuts I like and she appears to get it all. When haircut day comes it appears to be a crap shot of what she might remember. Our girl is getting caught up in doing trendy educational things…. I think somwhere she may have forgot about the client. I know her prices are now almost 3 times what we use to pay… and even with website clicking love … I just can’t pay that much for luke warm cuts. We also don’t have anywhere else to go.

        So the fun is really going to be in another few weeks when I start getting te itch. I loved that video link…. I am a admitted lover of the long bob. whenever Mrs CB gets a short strange cut I think long bob…..

        Even mrs CB knows she will probably never have that shinny swingy bob of the old days. The swing of Mrs PC’s hair is a thing of the past at my house. I even considered trying to get her to go dark next winter… ? That would be an adventure all right.

        That front you ask… ? Well really the bangs are broken….and remain slightly curled and tucked under so I don’t have to see the truth……… I can’t handle the truth.

        1. motorbiking

          Are their no mobile salons you could build a relationship with? It seems to me you best option is to get the cutting done by a pro who will visit your home. Obviously this is said by someone who lives in a country where I can be in the country side and just 25 miles to the centre of London, so I don’t know how that would work where you live.

    2. CBadmin


      I think you sum up of the cut is pretty acurate. The back is just too high for it’s own good. Now I want to overcompensate on the next cut and have a very low but blunt shelf..That is going to be a while.

      The cut is decent I guess and only becuase I have seen hints of it laying nicely. unfortunately this cut seems to have a way to style it nicely and apparently several ways to make it look like she is mentally disadvantaged.

      In better news I think we are only a week or two away from it growing in…. it has only been a few days and I can see changes. I often wonder how long the hair is in shock after cutting a lot. It always seems to look better after a few days.

      1. motorbiking

        There is some truth in that. It takes a while for the hair to react to the weight of the new cut. A good example is when girls whith long hair get shawn, they keep the centre partings for a while, even though there is no hair pulling it in that direction. When I have been lucky enough to do proper short cuts on girls with long hair, I always explain it will take a few days to tame.

  6. Loveherhair

    Hello to you both,

    I know it is not the cut you wished for, but it is not all bad. There is a nice short and high nape with lots of hair over the ears. It does look good, just no weight line for you. I guess I have learned that even though my wife, like yours, tries with her cuts, she will never duplicate my favorite, (May 2008). I just try to look for the best of the current cut, even though sometimes it is hard to find. Most stylists just don’t get it, even when told explicitly what to do, they still cut it how they see the cut should be. Even though my wife still goes to the same stylist that gave her her best cuts, nowadays she cuts it the way she thinks will look good, not the way we ask for.

    Anyhow, thanks for the pics and tell Mrs. CB that she looks good, and is great for doing this for you, and all of us. And, I hope the birthday celebration picked up later on.


    1. CBadmin

      The brotherhood here is nice.

      I love to hear that you all get it….that you have been down these roads and have seen the things I have seen. Part of this twist is you feel like such an island sometimes. We don’t always get what we want but it sure is fun working at it.

  7. Enzo

    Hi CB,

    As a fellow blogger, I completly understand how you feel the need to post better pictures of Mrs CB. When you get a style that you like, it’s hard not to do something different for the sake of the blog.
    What I’m finding best is to feature other great women with bobs from time to time. Today, I put up some photos of my good friend Julie from Facebook


    Regarding Mrs CB, I give her the credit for really trying to please not only you on your birthday, but everyone else that visits this blog. That is one special lady and every lurker that visitis here should take a minute and give thanks for not only having the guts to not only cut her hair the way she does, but to share with all to see.

    Thank you Mrs CB. Your still a looker in my book.

    1. CBadmin

      Blogging can suck the life out of you…. :)

      It sure keeps you thinking about what might be fun to write about.

      I very much like your last couple of featured guests…. I have been admirer of Jokes full think bob for sometime. I am so glad pictures have been shared.

      Now Julie bobgirl……. now that lady has got some daring going on. I like those blunt mid ear cuts…..

      thanks for all your blogging work. On my off nights I visit you and Perfect cuts sites for the latest……..

  8. bobbygirl

    hi cb we hardly ever get what we want you know that we have the same prolbem with our own stylist and she has been doing us for 18 years even when you show her a picture it dont happen.still some times they mess up and funny as it is it look great. remenber its only hair and it grows back. my wife is still getting over her short cut and keep saying she wants her bob back i didnt think i would ever hear it. happy days CB

    1. CBadmin

      You can’t win them all……. I think the worst part is trying to pretend I am cool with it.
      I love Mrs CB with everything and I know that girl has to really push herself to ask for some of these cuts.. and then to come home to me being all picky…. man that would make me pretty pissed.

      I wish Mrs CB was growing into her haircut :)

  9. AngleBobCut

    The cut looks fine. The shelf is gone but so what – it will be back in no time if that’s what she wants. Risk and change make life exciting. I like the cut. The left side looks a bit longer in the one pic, but it’s hard to tell for sure.

    And now Mrs CB is perfectly positioned for a shorter summer style.

    1. CBadmin

      More pictures this weekend.. ok that is my plan. I also think a edging of the neck will be in order. it really all depends on Mrs CB. If she fixes her hair and it looks like wire……. no pictures.

  10. Rockon

    Hey CB,

    First, I hope that your birthday was a good one!!!

    The haircut, although it may not be what you were hoping for, is none the less a good one in my opinion. Compare the pics you posted a while back (when the hair had lost all shape and the nape was all grown out and the despair you felt in that post) with the new cut and wham….it sheds a whole new light on the current cut! I know that sometimes I have expectations when my wife goes for a haircut (the waiting to open the Christmas presents when you were a kid feeling) only to feel a certain amount of let down when she comes home with the same old thing or not at all what you had envisioned in your mind. I’m quite jealous of all of the buzzed nape real estate you now have to play with. Enjoy it while it is still fresh. I have always been a fan of Mrs CB’ s cut of Oct 2010 (the one you feature in the banner) when the weight line was plowed through and it was more of a buzzed nape tapered cut. This one does resemble that cut and looks awesome, in my opinion.

    As ABC stated above, she is now poised for a shorter summer cut if she decides to go that route. This is a good set up for the above the ear asymmetrical cut too….Just saying :)

    Stay well and give your beautiful bride a big hug and let her know how much you appreciate her efforts to please you and put up with your hair “sickness”….let her know, too, that we all appreciate her and her willingness to share with us on a continual basis…you, sir, are a lucky man!!!

    Best Wishes,

    1. CBadmin

      Thanks Rockon you are always the voice of positive thoughts..

      and before I forget ….to you and all who wonder…. yes, I did enjoy that large patch of clippercut real estate this weekend. pulling my finger tips gentley up the bristle that never stops. In fact for those wondering it is an entire handful :)

      1. Digger Bob


  11. Oakie

    Do NOT be disappointed… The height of that nape shave is spectacular, would love to see more pics. C’mon, it has got to feel good!

    1. CBadmin

      See above….

      and Oakie likes it……. now that is noteworthy.

  12. TC

    OK I have compared the photos of the “The sun came out and everything is growing like weed” and the ones you have posted here. Mrs CB deserves a huge hug. She has lost a lot of hair with this cut – it has been thinned a great deal, which explains the weird layers. The comparison is particularly valid as both sets of photos shows Mrs CB after she styled the hair herself rather than straight from the salon. As Perfect Cut says – she is a hair-capable gal.

    Her hair is not a million miles from the ace cut you aspire despite what you write. The clippered nape IS higher which would be absolutely brilliant if the stylist had retained the shelf. It’s still a fashion-leading style. Her potential is enormous. Maybe the stylist had an off day or was hurrying a bit. Don’t fret, she’ll amaze you and us next time.

    Please keep the journey going . . . .

    1. CBadmin

      Thanks TC…

      that was Mrs CB’s recent argument… she wanted me to review the recent pictures and see how much she lost.

      I have since talked to Mrs CB about how the cut went down. I guess Mrs CB was really focused on getting the back up high… so the stylist caped her and as Mrs CB told her to take off about two inches. She said the stylist got her clipper out and asked her if she was sure and all…. Mrs said oh yes I have had it short. Without sectionin or anything the stylist just plowed in dry…. Mrs Cb she lost her breath with the first clump hit the cape… I guess she yelped a little and the stylist laughed …. two inches is a lot of hair huh….

      1. Spud

        I think your comment about the no sectioning of the hair is the key for the “shelf”. I think you could reduce your million and one requests to a few basics that Mrs CB can hang on to during what is obviously quite a stressful time for her at the beginning of an hair appointment. First would be NEVER EVER let the clippers touch her nape unless the hair has been sectioned. Second, How much off at the back? one inch? two inches. These are all relative and could vary from haircut to haircut so why not go for “Up to the bone on the nape” (occipital) As someone else said any higher and it can look too high, especially with a good shelf. Angle at the sides? Well with the back cut to the right height all we need is a destination. Pointing to some arbitrary location on the cheek with hands points to some unseen spot on ones nape can be a “bit” imprecise, so I always talk to Mrs Spud about lip-length, chin length. An of course when the front is shorter you can add “Just show enough earlobe to show off my earrings (HINT – because we go oh so close this time, THANKYOU Mrs CB)


  13. LondonBobTog

    Hi CB

    I have to agree with Motorbiking – it’s not just Mrs CB’s cool cuts that people return for – it’s the highs and lows of the journey – and I for one feel like a fellow passenger. It’s not the best cut we’ve ever seen on Mrs CB – and she knows that too – but the next one will be better – so don’t feel guilt or beat yourselves up over it. But it’s still cool and brave!

    Here’s to the next stage of the journey!

    LBT :)

    PS. Shot with Jessica on Saturday – decided to make her my new home page avatar. Comments?

    1. motorbiking

      Jessica is amazing, I’m guessing you work in the west end to keep bumping in to all these lovely girls? I have a few clients (real ones not hair ones) who are based out that way and I don’t mind being kept waiting in reception. 😉

      Could I make a request for your site – more close up head shots and a few 360s Otherwise its hard to work the geometry of the cuts out 😉

      1. LondonBobTog

        Pleased you like Jessica! Effectively I have two shoots with her; two very different locations and two very different wardrobes. Many more to follow!

        I actually work in the City – but there are cool girls all over London. I found Jess on the web – and she travelled down for the shoot.

        You know what – I’m going to struggle with 360s! If my site resembles a hair site then I won’t attract models – and a lot of my contacts are now via models finding my website. The closest I come is standing them against reflective glass, lol!


        LBT :)

        1. CBadmin

          Thanks for being along for the hair adventure..

          I like Jessicas color…….I always wish Mrs CB had put some colors in her jet black bobs…. maybe we will play with darker colors in the winter…

        2. motorbiking

          I guess you are right, maybe I should start trawling model mahem offering free haircuts 😀

          I can’t see that going down well. I have an office in moorgate, so I reckon we are just around the corner from each other. Your website has really taken off. You should look to turn your hobby in to a hobby business – you are easily good enough to start offering tuition. A sort of urban photography class. Low overheads 😉

          1. LondonBobTog

            Hi Motorbiking! We are scarily close – maybe 10 minutes walk away? Send me a message via my website – we should meet up for a pint and discuss!


            LBT :)

  14. Spud

    Hi CB

    Well I must have different eyes but the cut looks a huge improvement to me. Thanks Mrs CB for losing length at the sides as we now have a bob with one constant downward angle in it from back to front. Even the bangs are finally the same length as the bob. I can easily see the contrast between the long and short hair on the nape and having a straight line rather than an arch looks great. I think this cut demonstrates that a simple blunt cut geometric bob can still look great even without a salon blowout.

    As far as non hairheads not being able to tell the hairstylist EVERY little detail that we would like… thats just the way it. Our ladies try because they love us but they will never understand that one snip can make a difference. God I wish I knew why?

    1. CBadmin

      I hope to have better pictures this wekend and we will see if you still like the cut as much.

      I want a stylist I can work with……… If I can get that communication with the stylist directly… Mrs CB won’t ahve to do a thing…just tip her head down and smiel a lot ..

  15. Dan

    I don’t get it – this looks awesome.

    1. CBadmin

      Thanks Dan…maybe I picked the pictures that made it look as good as I could.

  16. Wally

    Happy B Day CB.

    I sure enjoyed the cut. I know I use my wife’s hair to give me the ultimate hair rush. We can look all we want in cyberland, but it just doesn’t compare to your own wife’s or significant other’s hair. I know I always want perfection with my wife’s cut and rarely get it. But that hair quest for perfection will always continue until the end.

    I like the latest cut. Maybe a steeper angle in front like Shirlgirl would offer the MrsCB comfort of longer hair while tapering up to the shelf and buzzed nape we all love.

    But that still ain’t a bad cut! Rock on CB- continue the quest!

    1. CBadmin

      Cheers to getting your hair rush every few weeks…. nothing beats it.

      I do love Shirlgirls bob……. in so many ways. Sometime I wonder what I would do if Mrs CB had thick shiney hair like Cheryl…. and then I imagine she got the rush out of getting haircuts that I think Cheryl gets… and I start to black out with the possibilities….. Cheryl is a hair godess….. she gets it.

  17. Anthony

    Hi CB, long time no write. Reference your old site – I haven’t been able to get to this site (new one) without going through Enzo’s link. Whether I type http://www.coolbobs.com or just coolbobs.com, I was getting the old site. Everytime I try, I get the old site. I just googled ‘cool bobs’ a minute ago and the very first ‘find’ on google was your old site. I can look through the photos and everything on it. Try it, maybe you will get it as well. I promised you photos last November…I will get them to you as soon as I get some time.


    1. CBadmin

      I am glad you found us here…..

      I need to look into some of the strange reports I have of people not getting here. I know the coolbobs.com page has a link that goes to the old bob blog … and it is not working. The old site was coolbobs.com/Blog with a capitol B this site is lower case b http://www.coolbobs.com/blog.

      Another thign I have not had time for….. I did put the old bob gallery up… but it is only half baked.

      welcome welcome… damn those hackers.. we lost a lot of content and folks.

      CB.. oh well.. time heals…..even bad haircuts.

  18. jaysee

    Enough whining already & snap out of it man !!! LOL.
    Mrs. CB is an exceptionally wonderful women. Her haircut is most awesome she is courageous for entertaining your thoughts and feelings. She must really love you.
    I’m sure at some time in your relationship you would have been thrilled for such a cut. Being grateful is most important and I’m sure that you are but is MR.s CB aware of your gratefullness?
    Just two points if Mr.s CB really wants to please you with your ideal haircut why hasnt she?
    What will it take for the both of you to get what you want?? Unless it’s unrealistic.
    Best wishes to you and the Missses.

  19. izbira

    Inspiration :)

  20. Fastlane10

    Wow!!! Truly stunning! You are an artist. The pics are beautiful and incredible! The bob hair looks gorgeous

  21. wild

    Sitting here waiting sucks. Wifey’s currently at the salon hopefully getting a chin length bob with LOTS of highlights, all different shades of blonde! Been sitting here close to 2 hours trying to get a few things done but not really getting bot a damn thing done cause all I can think of is her getting her locks cut and colored and what it’s going to look like, if she’ll go the whole hog and just go for it, or if she’ll back out and get something different.

    She did say as she left.. chin length cute & sexy bob… we’ll see 😀

    Tick tick tick…… read them real slow cause that’s how time’s a passing in Newark Delaware this afternoon! :)

    1. The-Perfect-Cut


      I’m one hairhead that is hoping you get your fantasy haircut from Wifey. Consider joining us web “hair couples” by posting some shots on the web somewhere and posting a link here for all of us to enjoy.


  22. Anonymous


    The text from the old site is here

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