Apr 29

Cool bobs.. from the past..

It is a beautiful Saturday and by now none of you check in and click around on Saturdays because I have been having trouble updating on weekends. So I thought I would shake it up a little and keep you stopping by. Well I guess I don’t have any great content… but what I do have is a few pictures of Mrs CB’s cool bobs from the past.

Why now ? Where did these come from ?


Japense Gardens.....


Well I was looking through our family pictures and transfering some from years past. I try not to take too many pictures of Mrs CB’s hair mixed in with regular family stuff….but over the years it just happens.  It seems I always wind up with an awkward few photos….especially uncool when flipping through the pictures latter with family and friends.

I know I should have just removed them.. but one thing leads to another and next thing you know I am showing pictures of the back of my wifes head to my mother in law. Oh well… no real big deal… I just flip quickly and people can think what they like. Anyway…..

So I saw a few pictures that I thought I would share just for the heck of it….. nothing crazy but by now I figure a few of you feel like you know Mrs CB’s hair history……. we could almost play guess the year.

So I just thought I would throw alittle something together for those that stopped by on a Saturday night…


Even some earring shots.....all be it not very clear.

I probably have enough weird family shots for a few posts in the future…….Hope you are all enjoying your weekend…

More on the current Mrs CB soon.




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  1. Loveherhair

    Hello CB,

    I like the Blast from the Past Photos. It got me to thinking of how in the early 1990’s I had to sneak hair pictures by pretending to take extra family photos. I would take a picture of one of the kids and purposely get my wife’s hair prominently in the shot, just for me, (or even accidentally cut the kids out of the shot). That was back before she would pose for shots for me. I even have some with the Turtle Sandbox in the background too. I guess we are all too much alike.

    Thanks again,


    1. CBadmin

      The old Turtle sandbox…

      Yes that was a while back…. in fact sadly when I first started taking hair adventure photos I was a little too self concious to even want to use the regular film camera…. so I go a poloroid. Every once in a while I see a pictue or two and wish I would have gone for the real film. In fact somewhere I have a whole box of both poloroid and non digital film hair style pictures. Most are low quality poloroids and as the years go by the images get worse.

      You young gys with all your cool video gear have no idea….. you can take a 1000 pictures of your wife and then top it off with 20 minutes of 1080p …. all for free. Dump it on your 3 TB hard drive and head off on the net to surf at the gazillion hair sites. Gone are the days of makeovers in magazines and VHS recordings of makeover segments. Thank God.. I don’t miss those days.

      I hope you young 20 year guys with cute girlfriends & wives are documenting your hair adventures. you might some day be really really glad. Set aside a few hundred gigs on that hard drive and document the changes.

      1. motorbiking

        Too true – I remember first discovering that other had the same interst in hair, with my first venture on to the bbs world with a 14kbit modem, taking 20-30 mins to download a pic of a few 100k.

  2. G

    Thanks for the pics, CB. Yeah, if I had a time machine, I’d take a HD video camera along. Any video of Mrs. CB’s current cut? My b-day (35) is coming, so I will be getting my own hair adventure.

    1. CBadmin

      So far not any video I am willing to post. I have to say it is growing in nicely….I keep trying to find that right time…it tends to suck when forced…..

      I am on the lookout for the right opportunity…

  3. Enzo

    Thanks for the trip in the way back machine CB. I really like Mrs CB with dark hair. It reminds me of my wife.
    I’m sure we’re all guilty of taking a few spy shots every now and then. It’s easier now, in the digital age to get away with it. With cell phone cameras, and apps to hide content, the chance of getting caught is far less than the days when you would take a photo and send them off to the developer.

    Thanks again for the weekend update. I’ve also updated my blog, after a conversation I had with Raquel.
    She’s shared some new photos and a peek of what she’s planning for her next cut.

    1. CBadmin

      After all the talk about Mrs CB’s dark hari I have tested the water but for now Mrs CB is firmly in light hair camp..

      As for Raqel… she certainly has some bold daring cuts…….I can only imagine the fun I would have if Mrs CB had a little Raquel or Cheryl in her. I am stuck pretty much knowing Mrs CB will be generally cautions these days.

      I like to fool myself…….. but I know.

      I am secretly hoping as we get older Mrs CB will hit a phase of going for it… just cutting lose. I certainly intend to be there.

  4. Rockon

    Hey CB,

    What a pleasant surprise, always good to see an update post, even with old content!

    I have to say that I like the photos of the really dark hair ( the first and last one) which is odd for me as I love blonde and highlighted hair. I think it would have to be the side length and earlobe potential in these photos that spike my attention. Regardless, Mrs CB appears to be a timeless beauty!!

    I wonder what the dark hair cut would look like with the buzzed nape??? Spectacular I’m sure!!

    Hope you guys are having an awesome weekend!!


    P.S. I think it is hilarious that so many of us have these “sneak” pictures before we were actually true to ourselves and shared our sickness with our ladies…I have hundreds of “oops I only got the back of your head in this one” pics. Very obvious to my wife, I’m sure :) The only one I was fooling was myself!!

    1. CBadmin

      Another vote for the very dark….I will tell you that first picture comes from a family zoo day to die for. If I would have been thinking I would have taken 50 more hair pictures. How may elephant pictues do I need 10 years later. I took my daughter to the zoo a lot. I think we will all see more of Mrs CB goes to the zoo .

      thanks for the nice words..

  5. rifkey

    She is a class act.

    1. CBadmin

      That is a nice post…..

      when I saw that in my email box , as I do all posts here… I thought .. what I nice thing to say.

      She is no doubt a lady ….

  6. LondonBobTog

    I too love your wonderful wife’s black hair days – but she’s beautifully exquisite today!

    Thanks for this Post!

    I’ve been busy this week updating ‘Jessica’ on my website! She’s my new favourite model – more to come!

    LBT :)

    1. motorbiking

      I love her micro bob – its so cool. I wish I could talk mrs motorbiking in to something like that. She’d probably agree to the colour if it was red on dark.

    2. CBadmin

      Another black hair vote….. if we ever did I would do something like you last model with some intermingled color.

  7. Wayner222

    Hi CB
    I guess we all love the old photos, every once in a while I take
    a look back and can figure out when the picture was taken
    by the hairstyle. Those dark bob photos are awesome!

    1. CBadmin

      Mrs CB had variations of the darker hair up unitl only a few years back. The first picture with my daughter.. should be in about 2000…. maybe 2001. I am sure the picture is dated.

      Now that she has not worn them for years I do like some of them a lot.

  8. motorbiking

    I like the Japanese Garden shot, the warm dark chocolate colour with red low lights really suits her. I also like the one with the blue tank top, the nape is not as short here as you have it now and even though the cut is quite poor (there are lines), its a really sweat bob. My favorite of course is the last one, even though out of all of them its the least flattering cut, its just a great bob and that is the attraction.

    1. CBadmin

      That last one is one of the shorter cuts the Mrs ever wore…. althugh we have had shorter. I liked the bowlcut look to that. and although you can not see it that neck was buzzed just like you would hope.

      The Japanese Garden was acutally an asymentrical cut….longer than most of you like but she has a great face on shot that shows the subtle difference maybe an inch or 2 at most but it gave that heavy side a real long and luxrious look and feel.

      I miss all these bobs like little lost children….. I remember them all with such memories..

  9. Mark

    Beautiful photos of Mrs CB as ever, I liked also very much the photos form yellowstone national park 😉

    1. CBadmin

      I should have more Yellowtone…….if I remember right that was one hell of a heavy line. That was a done by the now colorist only. Althugh her cuts were hit and miss .. when I asked for a sharp line she liked to undercut it and carve it in deep.

  10. Fastlane10

    Cool pics. Mrs. CB bob hair is amazing

    1. CBadmin

      more to come…….I got about 20 more years left of blogging.

  11. bobbygirl

    awesome just awesome i like the yellowstone park ones the best as well.hope all well cb

    1. CBadmin

      More Yellowstone votes.. I will officially have to dig that up and see what I can’t share.

  12. Digger Bob

    Number 3
    Some haircuts are Sooooooo perfect
    CB you are rich

  13. CBadmin

    Another comment that felt great to read.

    Number 3 was one her first adventures into blond over dark nape… I would guess maybe 2006 ? I think we went on vacation to the outer banks in NC around this time. I like to think I remember all these cuts and the time line.. ut it is easy to get confused…….

    Thanks for all the comments. Looks like we are about ready for another posting.

  14. Orca

    Picture 3 and 4 are amazing!! What a wonderful volume at the back and the lenght in front is gorgious!!! My compliments!!

  15. The-Perfect-Cut


    Thanks for a great photo journey down Mrs CB’s haircut lane. Black is the one hair color I generally don’t like – usually because it is so often monolithic and dull. But the last shot (you say it is one of her shortest cuts) is just beautiful and is shiney.

    I’m beginning to think (after pushing Mrs PC’s A-line longer in front, higher in back and steeper design line) that I liked her blonde-over-blonde first version back in June ’11 – see pictures 3 thru 6 at http://the-perfect-cut.squarespace.com/blog/2012/4/20/-bobs-and-hoop-earrings.html

    The cut was only cheek bone/lip long and showed ear lobes on both sides and the nape was not that short or high – BUT the cut had a coherence about it. It just looked like an “all together” hair cut and was VERY flattering to Mrs PC’s face.

    Plus I also liked the last photo of Mrs CB because she is wearing a crisp white collared shirt – I have ALWAYS loved women in those shirts.


  16. StackedBobLover

    Thanks for sharing.

    I’m in the black/dark camp too. This color and cut in one of your earliest videos is the best to me, with a nape and stacked section to die for. the way it swings and hangs and bounces at the ~44 second mark… goodness!


    This one too…


    1. Haircrazy

      I’m totally in agreement with StackedBob Lover’s comments…the black/dark shown in both videos is absolutely to die for !!

      1. Rockon

        I have to agree with both of the above….the cut in the second video is to die for…I particularly like when the chair/camera pan around and we get the straight on view of the back of the head/neck….WOW…to die for…the high angled bob and the buzzed nape…YUMMY!!


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