Oct 03

What’s hanging out on my desktop …..?

Well our discussions have faded off, I suppose it is mostly my fault for not having anything interesting to post.. It might be my imagination but it seems the hair world has slowed a bit. Most of the video producers are quiet. Most of the new stuff seems to be charity head shaving videos. I will jump in and comment on the recently linked video to the lady with a nice bob that got her head shaved. Although I thought she was darn cute with her bob…. I still thought it was fun to watch it get cut. This hair adventure takes a brave women…. I also have a bit of a twist for dramatic lopping of of hair that is beautiful. The more precious the hair… thick and healthy … the more I love watching it cut.

Not that anyone asked but I have a thing for beautiful dry  hair piled up on the cape as it is being cut. Finding videos like this can be close to impossible. I guess the Asian cuts videos came closest … but those missed the mark in other ways. I am not a take the whole ponytail off at once guy. I would rather comb it straight up and take off a foot…. let it fall in front of her face and into her lap. You know that kind of thing. I think the nervousness is excitement. 

Maybe forced haircuts are too much…. but what about negotiated haircuts that were underestimated ? Only if your lady can laugh it off afterwords. I do not reccomend getting your stylist to do any suprise cutting…. it will end poorly for you and your hair adventure.

 Yes I am sharing more than I should but I am in a weird mood tonight. You know I also find myself going back to a few of those Ed Cookingham videos….. I am sure you all have a few videos that you just love.  I know it is dated and I have probably posted it before… but I could really go for something like this when Mrs CB goes ultra short. I bet half of you know exactly the video…


I should throw this out because someone was nice enough to send me a few shots of his wife. Now I can only share a little with you but I can tell you… she is darn cute…

Lets see what else is on my desktop… I love me some long healthy hair….it just looks so cuttable ..













More random images I thought worthy of the right click and save…















How about this one… now this I thought was Mrs CB… I mean I really spent a bit of time trying to remember that top….. or when this picture was taken. Well it was not Mrs CB…. I think it is Wobat’s wife from http://www.passioncarre.net/



I have one last video for you all tonight.


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  1. Wayner222

    I’m with you on the long dry hair being cut. Those old ed cookingham videos were great to watch, some of them over and over. Whenever I see a nice head of long, thick, gorgeous hair I always think how awesome it would look sliding down the cape into her lap, even when its too beautiful to cut.
    Hope all is well with you and yours. Mrs 222 is getting a much needed cut tomorrow, hoping it turns out better than the last. It would be great not to hear “not so short” this time!

    1. Wayner222

      Just saw the video, amazing cut. Love that super short nape!

    2. CBadmin

      Thanks Wayner-

      you always seem to be first in line for every new post.. I am glad to have you. I Hope your wife’s cut today turned out good enough for you to miss this comment all together…. because you are off busy with other things.

      1. Wayner222

        The cut turned out great. Mrs and I had a nice chat with the stylist before the cutting and we ended up with a slightly different style, not quite as short as I’d hoped, but the stylist cut it a little shorter than Mrs wanted just because she knows how I like it. As always it’s super well done and I love it! Can’t wait to see the style tomorrow, looks awesome right out of the salon, but after Mrs does it herself I can really see what happened. As for other things….later.

        1. CBadmin

          I am glad you got a good cut……. that always feels great. That is the game… change it up a little… get disappointed a few times and then get a great cut. I get you on waiting for that first restyle at home. I have seen many cuts go from great to oh… ok … with just one wash and lame styling.

          I am sure you had a great weekend.

  2. Enzo

    You are right CB. I does seem like the old favorite sites have taken a break. Even my own blog needs a jumpstart.
    Thankfully, some new blogs are keeping the fire going. A recent update by Macgyver showed a great video find of a woman that reminded me of Mrs CB.
    Thanks for sharing the contributor pics and the vidoe of Mrs CB. Very wise of you to add your name banner to the bottom of the video. I’ve noticed a rash of people that are taking videos, renaming and reposting in order to generate ad money.


    1. CBadmin

      Thanks for adding the video link…

      As for my video.. sadly I do feel I need to I supppose I have been a little lucky with my pictures and videos I do feel a deep bond of restraint from the community at large. However It does urk me a bit when people are using my wife’s image as there facebook icon… I have even asked a few guys if they would not mind changing to one of a gazillion choices out there.

      It makes me sad when I see video clips from Perfect Cut or Anna posted on facebook without any reference to your sites. I thought for a while it was the language barrier but some guys just don’t give a shit about anyone else. For this we learn not to share….. so many of you have wickedly cool pictures of your wife and your hair adventures but you will never share or post them. I know….. Just based on my mailbox and the sneek private peeks I get.

      …but in the end I have to decide if the good people win r rthe jerks…..

      1. Wayner222

        I for one would love to put up some pics, but probably won’t for just that reason.

      2. Perfect-Cut

        CB & Enzo,

        I’m pretty cool with posting things to the Internet and even showing Mrs PC’s face. I don’t have a Facebook account (my small 1 against 1,000,000,000 protest against what I see as an attempt to create a PRIVATE Internet – we didn’t like it when AOL tried it so what should we like it when Zuckerberg does it) so I haven’t seen any mis-appropriation of Mrs PC’s images as someone else. I have friends who do have Facebook accounts. So if you see Mrs PC photos or videos anywhere else and not shown as Mrs PC, please drop me a note with a link so that I can check it out to see what you guys are talking about. How pervasive do you think it is? Thanks in advance.

        CB, I love to see and hear Mrs CB in your videos. The haircut is great, the future plans sound great and I’m looking forward to any asymmetrical part of it.


        1. CBadmin

          I will keep an eye out … mostly what I run across is pictures from your latest web site updates…. occasionally a link to one of your videos… So far I have not seen anyone using your pictures as there profile picture.

          We are heading longer… and I am just as curious where we are going as you all might be. Mrs CB has a thing for the asymmetrical cuts…. but this will likely be a longer version. I am loving all the hair as it grows… like money in the bank.

          1. Perfect-Cut

            CB, Remember the magazine photo she showed you that Mrs CB showed interest in. Wasn’t that a thick asymmetrical cut? Bring out that photo again and see if she is interested in that look and refresh all of our memories.


            1. CBadmin

              Wow…. this is funny.

              I did not mention it here… but anniversary present came with one of the pages of this haircut she ripped out of the magazine. I did not share as she has a tendency to tease.

              1. Perfect-Cut

                But we hairheads can HOPE. Could you repost that photo – I remember liking it a LOT but am vague at exactly what it looked like.


                1. Rockon

                  I vaguely remember this as well? Any chance of finding the pic and refreshing our memories? Has Mrs CB teased anymore since this posting?


          2. Perfect-Cut

            CB & Enzo,

            Just recently I saw two photos of Mrs PC posted on a Hungarian hair site. They included the “The-Perfect-Cut.com” copyright watermark on them that I put one each photo and video so I was okay with it.


          3. Motorbiking

            I have often thought about photographing or videoing my work to share. Looking at others there even seems to be money to be made. But I could not risk the hobby crossing in to my professional life. It would be awful for one of my “clients” to see themselves. I take risks, but they take bigger risks.

  3. haircrazy

    Wow…Mrs CB has done it again…absolute perfection !! Her latest cut really is great !! Love the thick shelf. Should only look better as sides gain in length and she keeps back clippered and undercut. Fantastic !!

    1. CBadmin

      Thanks… yes it is actually getting better with length…

      it is my new fun thing……. I am loving a little swing and length right now. In fact it is not growing fast enough.

  4. motorbiking

    It is odd, because I have taken a bit of a break from hairdressing too. In fact last week I turned down an opportunity to do a haircut, becuase the cut on offer didn’t interest me. When did I get to be so picky?

    I did walk past a cool hairsalon in moorgate the other day and spotted a cutter sporting a fantastic clipperred wedge cut. Practically licked the window with excitement, was like a 5 year old looking in a toy shop.

    1. LondonBobTog

      Hi Motorbiking!

      Which salon in Moorgate? I bet I’ve walked past you a few times never knowing! Maybe if I saw someone licking the window I would guess it was you (or one of us)!

      I now have all new camera equipment – an upgrade too – thanks to my insurance company. A Canon 5D Mk 3 – can’t wait to try it out, when the rain stops!

      LBT :)

      1. motorbiking

        5D Mk3 – Looking forward to all those Full Frame shots that you will be taking 😉

        Rush hair.

      2. CBadmin

        Good to hear from you LondonBob Tog…..

        I am glad to see you are getting back in the swing… we will certainly look for your first update.

        I am kind of jealous of you London gys…. I never lived in a big city and I can’t help but think it would be exciting… thousands of fantastic women…. daring ladies on every corner. I think things are still good for us suburbanites… the last 10 years has been good for the casual bob watcher. The posh bob trend never really went away … I still see a decent amount of bobs…. what I never see ? I never see any guts. these ladies will get a little aline but it is rare to see when the clipper has been used.

        Hope you get your groove back motorbiking. .. maybe you will get into the spirit with the holidays.

        1. alan-uk

          Funny you should mention that you rarely see bobs that have been clippered,i was discussing this tonight with a fellow enthuiast,i spend a little time in and around london and yes you dont see things like that very often,even in my home town which is pretty large.Its as though either the women are not adventurious enough or the hairdressers arent to use clippers and what i call “finish”the job properly,most of what i see are what i call”scruffy”bobs,uneven ends,bad colouring etc,i think most hairdressers have in their minds thats the bob and thats it!.
          I think most havent the right training to use clippers whereas barber stylists/hairdrseers have(one guy my wife used years ago was a barber turned hairdresser who only used the clippers to cut her bobs.:-D

          1. Perfect-Cut

            CB & Alan,

            Our situation is just the opposite. That is our hair cutter, Bonnie, has always been comfortable and competent using clippers on Mrs PC. And recently she went through the training and licensing to get her Barbers License in addition to her cosmotology License. She now also works one or two days a week in a local Barber Shop.


          2. motorbiking

            I don’t think its a lack of skill, I think its the definition of good and bad. Most hairdressers would see a clippered bob as an example of a bad cut. Hairdressing is all about nodding to the current trend. Effectively, there will be salon commercial styles which are focused on being wearable with a hint of fashion, salon creative where its about the current trend and a strong hint to fashion, then avant garde which is fashion before function.

            Most of my “clients” don’t want hard clippered lines. Did 3 cuts since my last post – funny what ends up happenning when you don’t plan anything.

            My overseas lady came over and I didn’t say a word about hairdressing and she just came out and said “I thought you were going to cut my hair next time I came over” so I ended up cutting it in her hotel room. Fortunately her bathroom was big enough.
            Then I had a demand from mrs motorbiking for an emergency trim (she never asks) and then one of my regulars asked.

  5. Dan

    Thanks for resurrecting that German hottie on the top of the new blog.

    1. Enzo

      Is she German? I always thought she was Italian

    2. Perfect-Cut

      I have been in love with that photo and that haircut – so thick, so shiny and all one length. NICE.


    3. CBadmin

      I love this video……. and I think this lady is just beautiful.

      Ok. Short story…. So I was watching that video for about the 10,000th time and I was thinking I really need to show this to Mrs CB. Well we don’t show Mrs CB too many cuts because she does not like them …and then I get sad/mad and it never leads to good things. However something told me it would be a total turn on to have her check it out.

      So I loaded up the video on my little anroid tablet and let it by the nightstand. Mrs Cb came in later and was wanting to get a little love crazy and started in with the hair talk…. so I let her go for a bit and then I pulled out the tablet and had her watch the last few minutes of this video….. I again teased her for the $3000 couch.

      I think her first words were holy shit…….you want me to get that haircut….. ?

      I made her watch another minute…. as the lady was smiling and running her fingers thru it… I was in the background saying look how happy she is………

      It worked great beacuse a few minutes later in the height of crazy monkey sex… yes she was promising to bring that picture to the stylist one day as a suprise……. Even if she is just buillshiting me I am ok with it…… just the idea is enough to make my whole body hard. She has mentioned it since… so I know she is thinking about it..

      …and that is good.

      1. wayner222

        Just hearing Mrs talk about getting a cut like that would be VERY exciting!

        1. Perfect-Cut

          CB, post the link to the video. Please. All I have ever seen is the photo.


          1. CBadmin


            This is a classic. ONe of my favorite videos of all time…. I love the final result. The quality on you tube is not the best… but if you have not seen it…. This is on Anglebobcuts channel

            1. Perfect-Cut

              CB, Thank You, thank you. The video is a dream come true. The still photo was good enough BUT the video is Outstanding. I can see why clipper-guys love it. She has thick hair with body and a wave and the entire cut is done with clippers. And it results in a beautiful and precise cut. She seems to smile more and more as the cut progresses and the hair gets shorter. And I love how she shakes the finished cut (something that Mrs PC seems incapable of) and runs her hands thru it. Thanks a million. It is now on my list of favorite hair videos.


              1. Rockon

                WOW….I think Mrs CB could totally rock this cut!!! Their hair texture looks to be similar, but good luck getting her to part with her security blanket of the hair around her face!!

                It would be an amazing makeover though!!


  6. LondonBobTog

    Hi CB.

    Love the video. The thickness of the shelf, the shortness/extent of the undercut. Please thank Mrs CB from me for being such a sport!

    Off on my travels again next weekend – Panama then Chile. Never been to Latin/Central America before so interesting to see which styles the lovely ladies are wearing!

    LBT :)

    1. CBadmin

      I am glad to report to Mrs CB you are on the radar and indeed safe and on the mend.

      Travel safe and bring us back a hair story from your adventure……… ? Unfortunately I think you are in for a lot of long unkept black hair……..

      Prove me wrong ?

  7. TC

    Video is really fine. Mrs CB has a really thick shelf now. There’s so much bulk coming down off the crown that the undercut is all the more awesome for it. I can understand how it satisfies the low key approach to work whilst providing the zinger just a touch away.

    Looking back at the timing of that zinger haircut (end of August I think) Mrs CB should be due a fresh shearing of the undergrowth by now. You mentioned that you might be on for operating the clippers. Now if you can pull that one off that would be amazing in the extreme.

    Just make sure the camera is on the tripod and the video is running so that you can have both hands free to do the job. I recall on the blog that was wiped out by hackers a video of you clippering Mrs CB’s nape whilst holding the video camera at the same time. Scary for both of you. Best of luck…….

    1. CBadmin

      yes that shelf is every bit as thick as it looks…..It is working good for now. Funny thing is Mrs CB feels almost bald with the high undercut… I have to reasure her from time to time… no one can see it…. and your thick hair certainly covers it.

      I am sure you are not the only wondering about the home haircutting… and I will bury the answer in the comments for those that read them. I was planning on the home haircut…. and then she wanted to wait until our anniversary. She know I have a thing for scary barbershop haircuts so she was planning to go in and get the undercut shaved as my hair present this year. I thought we were going this last Saturday….

      … Imagine my suprise when she can back from getting her hair colored on Thursday night with the 1.5 redone from the salon. It was a “suprise” Later she admitted chickening out… So somehow in all the excitement I lost my chance.

      I was not going to get too pissed about a fresh 1 and a 1/2 ….. damn that is tight.

      Don’t give up hope we should have more opportunities but the Mrs has been a little less interested in the home version of this game.

      1. TC

        Yes, for Mrs CB to come home from just a colouring session and present the “TADA” moment of a fresh 1½ clippering bonus must be fantastic for you. I could never be let down whenever or wherever she choses to get it done. Good for her and I trust that you have captured the fresh hairdo on your camera. If nothing else she would have finally lost the paint that was evident in some of the September shots.

        I know its a lot of work for you CB but I really appreciate it when you respond to our personal messages. It brings us in to your world. Thanks,

  8. igy

    super cut CB, and very nearly as nice as my Mrs CB favourite which is the one you use as your icon.

    I do agree things seem rather quiet on most of the hair sites at present.

    I have been looking through my collection esp at http://www.cuthair.cn/EnProductShow.asp?ID=334&ClassID= which has the very precise freehand clipper work. Truly a classic and worth investment . The barber is very good and skilled.

    1. CBadmin

      Another vote for the quiet community these days…….

      I love the freehand clipper work. I wish my stylist was that good…. That is part of the reason I would like to try one of these korean barber shop ladies… I really want to find one that can freehand taper …. That is the abosulte high water mark for neck clippering in my book. I would actually like Mrs CB’s hair longer than a 1.5 at the top and shorter at the bottom….. if it is done right it makes the fresh buzzed bristle feel even MORE intense.

      It is on my list …

  9. Rockon


    Sorry for the slow response, but life has a tendancy to get in the way sometimes, as Im sure you know.

    I absolutely love the video. I think this undercut is amazing and listening to Mrs CB describe it is even better!! Have you guys discussed the possibility of undercutting above the ears a little bit? That would look stunning with the hair pulled up and you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell with it down…just a thought.

    Would she ever try the short asymmetrical like the girl in the picture next to the long hair girl? She could definately pull that look off too in my opinion.

    Hope all is well with you and yours! A big hi and thank you to the mrs!


    1. CBadmin

      I have asked for a little bit over the ears….. and I thought we agreed to do the short little pointy side burns…. I am not so sure she will ever actually do these. She thinks the short side burns make her look manly…

      We may some day get a shorter asymmetric… but when she loses that security blanket she is going to panic. That will have to be one of those braves days when she get in over her head in the chair …

      1. Rockon

        Tell Mrs CB there is no way for her to ever look manly!! I can almost guarantee it!!

        1. CBadmin

          Beleive me … tell her I laugh at her….

          Come on babe really…. you think you look manly……..?

          I loved those little V’s… they did grow out too fast. right now it is not on the table.. but it has been before .

          Never say never.

      2. Wally

        Those lttle V’s in front of the ears with a tight nape. Oh my my!

        Plus she can tuck one side behind her ear exposing the V giving the illlussion of an asymmetric cut.

        The peek a boo buzz sections can be very seductive.

  10. G

    Thanks for another awesome update. I am slow to respond, but the images you post linger in the imagination, especially during the slow hair days/ months. My wife needs a trim, but she is pregnant and not in the mood. These are the times when a hair community makes all the difference. It’s nice to ride on the shoulders of those enjoying some adventures. Mrs. CB continually outdoes just about everyone with her moxie for exciting cuts. The secret of the shaved undercut is spectacular, and leaves a lot to future imaginations of hairstyles. It will be interesting to see how long the hair stays covering the sheared nape.

    All the best to you both!

    1. CBadmin

      Thanks for the nice comments.

      You my friend are in a good spot. In a post pregnancy world I enjoyed some of my best haircuts. Now remember if your wife wants more children… you need to dodge a bit….even if you want 3 more you need to use your bargining power.

      I once wrote about the days before we got married when my wife was showing me what the old girl could do. Well after I dodged the lets have a baby question … I finally caved in…. andit lead to some pretty outrageous times.

      I also remember some not so great times… when her hormones were all messed up…. and she got all weird thinking I did not love her.. only her hair. Tht whole thing.

      We are on the grow….. glad you could come along for our hair adventure.

      1. Motorbiking

        But you can see why they think that. After a new haircut mrs motorbiking gets pissed that I tend to look past her and only at her hair

  11. Enzo

    It’s good to see you back CB. I’m sure everyone here appriciates how you rely to each comment.

    1. Perfect-Cut



    2. CBadmin

      I feel so bad I don’t do enough. So often I wake up in the middle of the night and have a foggy memory of an email with a picture or two that someone sent to me that I never responded to.

      Or other times just a great suggestion that I actually use and how that turned out…..

      You have all learned my spelling and grammer are lacking… you just get whatever pours out of my fingers. When I sit down to this site I go into a bit of a trance and just let it out.

      Sometimes that translates into weird comments or posts that I am sure make a few of you wonder.

      I do try to connect at least a little with all of you that take the time to come by and comment.


      1. Wayner222

        It keeps us coming back for more, like we belong here, and are among friends.
        Thanks, Wayner

      2. Joe


        I love your wifes hair!!! How can I contact you? My wife has hair just likek your wifes, I would love it cut like hers, how can we chat more?

  12. Anonymous

    I think the video was great freehand clippercuting and must be hard to do well. Its almost like sculpting with the clipper being the chisel good luck findind anyone able to cut hair like that. And we all know men are the best hairdressers even though we would never go to one, speaking for myself.Did anyone notice what looked like trophies in the backround,whens the last time you saw trophies or awards at your salon? I’ll bet never.

  13. wombat

    Yes, this is my wife :)

    1. TC

      Hey Wombat – your wife has a great haircut. No wonder you follow CB and his wife. I’m in the same position too.

  14. Rockon

    It’s been nearly a month…hope all is well with you and yours!!


  15. gONZALO


  16. Ogre

    Your wife’s hair was the inspiration to try and get Mrs Ogre’s hair very similar. After a few different styles she finally has it exactly how I love it. Its a bob, long at the front and ever so high at the back. The rest of the back is cut to a number 1″ though as she hates clippers. Wish I could share pictures but I respect her wishes of not “sending her pics all over the internet”.
    I;m lucky tha she lets me trim it every 2-3 weeks (I don’t do a bad job if I say so myself!)
    She has brown hair at the moment and is talking of going blonde or red for xmas. I can’t wait.
    Keep up the great blog.

    1. Napelover

      Hey Ogre,
      Good for you. I have the same situation with my wife as well…same scenario, but she has letme cut it, or undercut, for 10+ years now. SHe has brown hair. like Mrs. CB, but darker=lokks grea with stubbly nape (‘blonds’ not as good=can’t see as well…had those as gals friends in past…:-) ). Wife had like yours until few months ago, now is high nape blun cut, with shaved nape exposed, & higher underneath….both looks are great for u stubby lovers & touchers…..our shared fetish & desires… :-). Way it is….some like high heels, toes, long hair, etc. ….we like the short hair/nape look & stubbies…..all is fine & Life……


  17. wild

    Coming out of the CB Love cave any time soon? We miss you man… in a totally no homo way of course lol

  18. GoShorter

    Somewhat off-topic, but had a quick question for this community: anyone have an idea for how many of us there are? By “us,” I mean men who enjoy women with short hairstyles like angled bobs with buzzed napes, pixies, and other similar styles.

    Any reasoning behind your number would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Perfect-Cut


      While we are asking questions, I have a simpler one. Does anyone have the statistic of what percentage of American women wear their hair “short” (which I would define as touching the top of the shoulders or shorter). That number would set the “universe” of all short-haired women. Of course we all have our individual standards as to what is “cute” so the percentage or number of women with cute short hair is much smaller.

      I too would be interested in seeing the percentage of American men that prefer short hair on women – and what the percentages in other countries are?

      My guess: only about 10% of American men prefer short hair on women. Higher in UK, Germany & France.

      What are your guesses?


      1. GoShorter

        My guess: only about 10% of American men prefer short hair on women. Higher in UK, Germany & France.

        It’s hard to pin down exactly what we’re talking about. Certainly in America, there’s the idea that men like long hair. There’s probably quite a few who don’t mind a long bob that hits the top of the shoulders but would hate something like a short pixie. Also, existing on the “don’t mind too much, doesn’t look bad” through “consciously prefers short hair on women” continuum is a far cry from where most of us who frequent this site exist.

        I guess my question would be more along the lines of “How many people would buy a video from a site like 51hair or ta77?” Any numbers out there that are publicly visible, or anyone who runs or has run a video site wish to share? The Chinese sites must be somewhat profitable, but it seems like American sites have dwindled. I’ve always assumed that doing this in America is just too expensive for the average return. This may simply have to do with the attractiveness of the models and the production quality of the videos, though.

        1. TC

          Answering GoShorter’s first question I think there are about 50 of us who add blog comments on this wonderful site of CB’s, but there are easily 50,000 men in Britain who prefer the short nape bobs. As far as a percentage of women who have the buzzed short napes, I would say that in Scotland they are only to be found on less than 5% of women. I don’t have anything to back this up. It’s just me perception.

          1. GoShorter

            Wow, 50,000 men just in Britain! What’s leading you to guess that number? Unique visitors to your site? If it’s a complete guess, why 50,000 in Britain rather than 5,000 or 50?

            If 50,000 men are attracted to buzzed nape haircuts and seek them out online, you could say there are about 248,000 men in America who also like them — assuming you can carry this percentage of the population across countries, which you can’t. Anyone else have any clues about how many of us there are out there?

            1. motorbiking

              When I was doing a seminar, I (innocently 😉 ) asked why the bob was so popular for so long. The instructor said it ticks so many important boxes in what defines sexy hair. One of the other attendees had a super sharp short bob. The instructor pointed out all the features/

              frames the face and the fringe “corners” draw attention to the eyes
              the line highlights cheek bones and points at the mouth
              the nape makes the neck look longer and slimmer.

              Its pretty much the perfect sexy haircut.

              I would say hair is important to about 50% of men and its sexually interesting to about 25%.

  19. Perfect-Cut

    Bob Fans,

    While CoolBobs is taking a break we should use his forum to “talk-among-ourselves” and give us hairhead blog hounds something to read when we visit all the regular hair websites (please stop by The-Perfect-Cut.com and leave us some comments) .

    I have a “Hair Alert” for all you Bob Fans. Go see the movie “Cloud Atlas”. It is a real pay off for the lovers of thick bobs with dramatic shelfs. One of the six story lines is set in Neo Seoul and the actress Doona Bae is one of 20 or so “simulcants” – all with black-haired, straight-deep-banged, thick A-line Bob with a heavy shelf in back over a clippered but not short nape. Take a look at: http://0.tqn.com/d/movies/1/0/k/H/Z/cloud-atlas-doona-bae-sonmi-451.jpg

    Part of the fun (besides the movie being good, intriguing and interesting) are the scenes where multiple simlucants all with the same haircut – nice.


      1. igy

        change subject

        has anyone got a link to the french girls website with the short nape-forgotten it again !

        1. GoShorter

          Pretty sure you’re thinking of this:


          I always get there by googling “nuque rase” and clicking on Google’s video tab, but her name on DailyMotion is taches-de-son.

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