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The Farrah bob


Farrah Fawcett

Well, ย it is sounding more and more like my vacation will be one with a long bobbed lady. She came home from the salon in love with her hair…. she wants Farrah Fawcett hair….she wants it big and 70’s … I know I hear the moans out there. Sometimes the truth hurts. She was begging me to let her grow for a while…….


My Isla Mujeres  2013-1-2

My Isla Mujeres  2013-1-5

Unfortunately I was also a boy of the 70’s and this was among the first fantastic hair I fell in love with.








So I am not expecting a lot on Friday. As you can see in these pictures it is just starting to hit her shoulders and collar….

My Isla Mujeres  2013-1-4 My Isla Mujeres  2013-1-3

we are just getting some length and I kind of like it myself. We still have the idea of stacking the back a bit…like Joke

ย but mildly to preserve length and thickness…. and Mrs CB really likes this picture.



. she is calling it the Farrah bob….. I guess it combines the long bob with the layers and style she is currently looking for.

Oh well it is not spring yet so I will support her for now….She has been very good about keeping it curled under and “fixed”.

Gosh at this rate I am going to be delisted from the bob lovers links. :)

I think I am already starting to get a few long hair lovers that are going to start in with don’t cut beautiful hair..I hope to terribly disappoint them this spring with a good old fashioned scalping……..



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  1. motorbiking

    Well to be fair, she has nice, thick, good quality hair, so longer hair will look good on her. IMO short hair is sexy, long hair is beautiful. I like that long bob look too. Plus there is the benefit of being able to do up-dos.

    Mrs motorbiking is mourning the loss of her honger bob, but her hair is looking so much better now. I have convinced her to add some brighter colours, so that will be our next thing.

    It also seems that some of my “clients” have come out of their winter hybination. Did two cuts last week and have one booked this week. Last week was one lady I haven’t done for about 5 months, so lots of cutting and a new recruit, though she only had a trim.

    I’ve got a big chop on the making for one in the srping, worthy of mentioning, because she is talking about videoing the cut.

    1. CBadmin

      You know…. I think you really hit something profound for me.

      Long hair is beautiful but short hair is sexy…..ever since you wrote that it has been ringing in my ears. I do find longers smooth hair just fantastic to watch. I love the long bobs and some of the pictures of ladies with big swoopy bangs… it is however the daring girls… the girls with short cuts that are lethal…

      I am big on the contrat of long and short …. but overal the lady that is willing to mee the clippers has to have just a little spunk…. maybe a wild side. What on turn on.

      I can’t imagine having clients… and lining up big chops..you are a lucky cat.

      1. motorbiking

        Spoke to her this morning and spring may come early – it may very well be this or next weekend, but I am doing everything I can not to “groom” or talk her in to it. Got to be her choice. Plus mrs motorbiking will rightly get pissy with me if I show too much interest.

        1. motorbiking

          bugger – the recent snow has made he reconsider, she is going to wait until it gets a bit warmer. Note to self : I must not push, I must not push, good things come to those who wait ๐Ÿ˜€

          However there is something amazing about doing a big transformation. The feeling of the wet hair between the fingers, the weight of it as you cut it, the transformation at the end. It is worth 100 trims.

      2. Perfect-Cut

        MB & CB,

        I too was struck by MB’s phrase: short=sexy – Iong=beautiful. I know in women I have always said that my preference has always been for “cute” ladies as opposed to “beautiful” women. I also agree with CB that I have found that women who consistently keep their hair short are more independent, daring, decisive and sexy.

        Perfect-Cut (I’m back and preparing multiple blog posts, galleries and videos so drop on by, take a look, leave a comment and click on a few ads)

  2. wayner222

    Mrs CB does have great looking hair. You can’t get the springtime scalping without the winter grow out! Here’s hoping the change of seasons brings a pile of hair on the floor. Not just for Mrs CB, but for all of our overgrown ladies.

    1. motorbiking

      overgrown ladies hahaha – makes them sound fat ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. wayner222


        1. CBadmin

          I am getting worried Mrs CB is going to get to comfortable with all that hair. I am thinking I will ask her to make a video promise while it is still winter… and come April I can play it over and over until she gets in the chair.

          1. Shirlgirl

            Now that’s a man who’s got his thinking cap on. :o)
            Record it so she cant deny the promise……… then guilt her. LOL
            We’re indeed all on the grow out during winter…. aren’t we.

            1. Rockon

              Are you growing out too Shirl ?? I need to get to your site and check it out….

  3. haircrazy

    CB…I think Mrs CB will look fantastic with big 70’s hair !! Around where I live, I’m seeing more and more gals returning to big, fussy hair. I’ve noticed the same trend with network TV on-air personalities…a whole lot less of the wash and wear look. There’s something to be said about women who are willing to take the time and effort required to maintain the “big” hairstyles. They all seem to be very confident and enjoy turning heads.

    The “Farrah Bob” is definitely a step in the right direction for Mrs CB…it’s going to be very interesting to see what she ultimately rewards you (and us) with.

    She definitely has my vote !!

    1. CBadmin

      Thanks for your vote….

      Mrs CB asked about how you all were taking the last few months and I she was very happy when I told her she was gettiing overall good reviews.

      I know most of you that hate it are nicely keeping your mouth closed …. but she is happy to be getting some votes.

      I told her the other day she has all but made a ghost town out ot the site … I was kind of trying to guilt her into the chair…. it almost worked. She came inot my little office and said. If you want we can go right now and get it cut back how it was. I am sure she has time to get me in .. be home in an hour ? Do you want me too…….?

      God don’t do tht to me. -urg

      Thanks again

      1. alan-uk

        Oh the agony of mental torture, the phsycology of women is still a mistery to most men,but they certainly know how to keep us on the ball,i think that saying “treat them mean,keep them keen”certainly works.lol

    2. Perfect-Cut

      Mrs CB,

      NOOOOO !!! Please no Big Hair with all the teasing, structure, tortured locks and hair spray. Big Hair deserved the death and disdain it got. Now it only survives in the Hair Backwater of Texas. I love cute short of all forms and include longish styles like CB’s included “Farrarh Bob” but all these styles, lengths and cuts are “alive” not constrained, they move, you can run your hands thru them, your lady can shake her head and it falls back in place and still looks great. These are some of the things I love about cute short hair.


  4. TC

    Hey CB, it’s Mrs CB’s hair adventure that we have bought into so if Mrs CB wants a longer version then that’s fine by us. She certainly does the Classic Bob very fine indeed. My my it’s impressively long on the top layers now. It must be approaching a foot long I guess.

    Your labelling of the photo’s had me guessing for a while. Coming from Scotland I thought Isla might be some celebrity’s name that I hadn’t heard of who sports a similar classic bob. The web put me quickly on the right track. Looks like a superb place for a bit of winter sunshine. I hope you 2 have a great holiday.

    By the way one of your comments in the New Year… Old Hair touched a nerve with me. I too loathe the silly docked tail look when hair that is clearly not long enough is bunched into a pathetic pony tail. Come on ladies keep that look away from the public gaze.

    I mus also add congratulations to your photography skills CB, the set of 4 photo’s of Mrs CB’s Farrah Bob on this post are among the best you have captured. Lighting and focus are spot on. Well done.
    Go and have a great break you two and we will look forward to your return blog.

    1. haircrazy

      TC…I’m with you on your comment regarding those pathetic looking ponytails that some women insist on sporting when their hair is way to short. I’ve seen a few that were so short that you’d be hard pressed to figure how they even got what little hair they had gathered up and bound into a pony…or should we say “stub” ?

    2. CBadmin

      Thank you TC you get extra haircut points…

      I did label the pictures Isla Mujeres … and as you found out that is were we will be vacationing in Mexico. In fact if all goes well Mrs CB will be getting certified to scuba dive with me. Scuba diving is alittle like the high clipper cut bobs. She is doing it for me. Honestly I can’t wait. I have only recently become a diver but I have to say it is fantastic.

      I did get certified in Seattle, after I have been diving in Cozumel…. lets just say It is not nearly as fun with the heavy wetsuit and murky water. We save our pennies all year for this trip. We are already saving for next winter.

  5. Hans

    Dear CB
    It’s nice to belong to one off the favourits of Mrs CB.
    Offcourse I knew she had a good taste; but it’s so nice
    to be amongst them who love a certain style which is not so
    young anymore. Mr and Mrs CB showed us their
    perfect “assets” and we are happy to be associated with them.

    1. CBadmin

      Hi Hans….

      I can not thank you enough for sharing your collection of pictures of Joke. Something about the classy nature of Joke appeals to Mrs CB and she likes all of them for all the different time periods.

      Right this minute Mrs CB has two pictures of Joke’s stacked bobs on her Ipad and ready to show the salon girl Friday. I think they are the last two I have posted recently.

      I must have showed Mrs cd 100s of pictures but these are the winners.

  6. Enzo

    Don’t worry CB. You’ll never get delisted from the bob lovers links. You are honorary member.

    No matter what length Mrs CB’s hair is, she always looks stunning. I’m very curious to see how she’ll look with her ’70s Farrah bob, however, I think she would look great with an ’80s full bob!

    Just out of curiosity, was Farrah one of her early influences? I just posted a new blog today sharing some of my wife Anna’s influences and asking others to share their influences. Come have a look.

    1. CBadmin

      When you say 80 s full bob do you mean a classic longer bob ?

      Yes actually Mrs CB did like Farrah and Jacquelyn Smith. I wrote a littel more over at your blog……..basically Mrs CB likes those early sixties looks … and men in thin dark ties. This whole long hair thing has been great as she knew the secret was to keep it looking fantastic so she goes out of the way to make sure it never looks like she needs a haircut. I hate that grown out weeds look.

      I don’t like most pictures of Farrah.. but the one on this post is how I remember as a 10 year boy……… her hair was beautiful. As I comented above…. later I learned if I could get her in the salon and clipper it up good Farrah would have been sexy………

      1. Enzo

        I’m thinking with her thick hair, a full bob would have looked great. Admittedly, that’s now a roughly 30 year old style, but at the time, it would have looked hot

        Any hair, long or short looks good, as long as it’s maintained. The problem is the upkeep of longer hair

    2. Perfect-Cut


      You will never be “delisted”. And more than an honorary member – to me you are a “founding” member. Your site was the first “first person/real person” short hair blog that I found. I went back to the beginning of the blog and read every post, checked every photo and read every comment. It was your blog that encouraged me to start The-Perfect-Cut.com. You are the Godfather of Hair Couples Blogs.


  7. nucacortita

    Hello friends lovers bob haircut. Miss CB has given us so much and made us to enjoy both, we must accept that you want to change style. The only thing I would ask is that after you stop growing your hair back to bob. Greetings from Spain.

    1. CBadmin

      Ok we will make a deal…. ?

      I will get Mrs CB to cut off all that hair back to a high clippered bob and you have to share a few more pictures of your wife. ?

      Ready set you have until spring :)

      Does she still wear a bob ? some of her pictures are fantasitc….

  8. Rockon

    I’m with Wayner on this one…looking forward to a springtime scalping, but enjoying the photo process of getting there too!

    Hope you guys have an awesome vacation! Any chance she is setting you up with the loving the long hair stuff and is secretly planning a suprise cut??

    Best wishes,

  9. CBadmin

    Ha… I laughed a litttle.

    Actually I think I have zero chance. and that is sad. I have always wanted the suprise haircut… I have mentioned it several times and she just doesn’t get it. I feel like I am begging for a suprise birthday party.

    Sometiems she just doesn’t get it…….

    and to complicate things I might be a little sad if she came home less about 4 inches….. I will have missed the action. I will have missed the nervous build up.

    Oh I am never happy.

    1. wayner222

      Seems like we are never satisfied! Just a little more! With you on the surprise haircut. I’m always thinking how great it would be to get shocked like that, but immediately realize that I would have missed the best part, the actual cutting. If only somehow we could get both. Maybe then we’d be happy?

      1. CD

        Well all, I have too been a victim of a grow out lately. The wife had an appointment back on the first Saturday in August. We had big plans for a good stacking, but the plans went off the rails when we got to the salon. My wife’s regular girl was not there, and the owner of the salon offered to fill in. Instead of saying no, I had haircut fever, we agreed. The stylist/owner did not listen to my wife’s request and cut my wife’s hair the way the owner wanted. It turned out to be one of the worst cuts ever. And as such, she has not been in the chair since.

        Getting to the point of a surprise haircut, when my wife and I were first married we had a huge fight and she siad she need to go out for a bit to cool off. She took the car keys and headed out. She well knew my interest in her hair and having it short. While she was out she decided to cool off by getting a haircut. Not a trim, but a major league cut. She came back in with a grin and told me if I wouldn’t have been such an a-hole I could of watched all that hair come off. Needless to say we had some great fun after….

        I still hold out for the surprise haircut.

    2. napeluvr

      Yes CB & wayner,
      We are never satisfied….what the “fetish” is all about. Like all fetishes actually.

      Wayner……I ‘know’, I get both….. because I cut my wife’s hair, & have for 19 years now, since we got married. Have been cutting hair as a ‘hobby’ since teenager (60 yo now)…found I had a natural ‘talent’, & even was offered to work at Vidal Salon in Hollyweird, way back then too….but academics, & then a doc, was a calling for me. But, have had the honor, & fortune, to cut many a galfreind’s hair over the years, when they found out my ‘shaved nape’ & ‘short hair’ fetish…..almost all, did willingly, which was very nice….for me, & then both of us on a sensual level… :))

      ….I am ur northern close neighbor, in Kirkalnd area, from you. Yes, is a hard thing when common shared ‘shaved nape/short hair’, “our fetish”, is not shared by our significant other. My wife indulges for me, but does not share the ‘sensual’ aspect of it…what she gets from it is a ‘neck rub’ every night when watching TV, then she gets a relaxing neck & scalp massage, & I get the ‘stubbies’ feel under fingers, which is soooooooo nice! So, we both get what we want…. :))

      She did go thru, what you are gouing thru now, about 8 years ago, for a 2 years….she grew it out to shoulder level. I did not like it, & she knew it, as we have a open communication relationship, so she knew I was not happy. So, what she gave me then was a “under-cut” shave, up to the base of her skull, so I could ‘feel’ it, & when she was home, she would have it up in a pony-tail, so I could ‘see’ it, which is part of the fetish for us all (& males being ‘visual’ beings, is how we work & do!)…..if we are strakly honest & frank with ourselves! So, I was ‘somewhat’ satisfied, & that was our personal truce. Maybe have her give a littel too, in that way (suggestion)…cuz our fetish is what it ‘is’, & nothing will change it, nor, any mental thinking ‘that it is ok’…well it is NOT, plain & simple, & honest with our own inner needs!

      The ‘fetish’ is what it is, & is hard wired in us all, if we really are honest with ourselves. From a ‘doc’ viewpoint, it is no different from any other fetish too….like women likeing men’s ‘butts/pects/biceps/mustache’ (or what ever appendage, which many women have a ‘fetish’ for too!!), & I have clinically verifed that too, with asking questions, properly stated, so no offense made. Or, anyone with a strong ‘liking for’, a ‘whatever’…that is a ‘fetish’ too, plain & simple. I know when mine came on…in puberty with Mrs. White, a teacher in middle school, & my first ‘crush’, & she had supper short hair, like one inch….that was my ‘set-point’. We all have them, for whatever reason!!!…& ya know, it is perfectly ‘ok’, & the persons in our lives just need to know it & accept it, as we do with their ‘likes’ too!!…a fact in relationships…maybe theirs is not as strong, but ‘strength’ is all realtive, so a non issue. CB, say your wife likes to ‘shop’ or other particualr actions…well, that is a ‘fetish’ too!!….like her ‘hair coloring’, as I have read in ur threads for some time now…same thing….pick a poison…lol.

      Sooooo….the bottom line, in a good solid relationshsip, is we all bend & comlpy to one another. My wife gave me the undercut while growing it out, even when it was ur wife’s length now. Fortunately, 1 year later, she got tired of it, & allowed me to cut it again, back into an inverted bob, with shaved nape exposed….which is my liking & fetish…..been this was now for years. In fact, when ur wife shaved it high & tight on the back last summer, my wife allowed me to do that too….but she did not like it that short, tho I did, so has grown out a little longer….but I still get to trim the stubble 2x/week, & her monthly full trims she gets. All her co-workers comment on how her hair is so perfectly manicured all the ime, then are surprsied when they find out da hubby does it….lol…..am a fortuneate guy…..but only fortunate cuz been openly honest, with feelings & needs!!

      So CB…..hang in there….& be honest too….first with ‘yourself’, & then & only then, in the realtionship. We cannot change what & how we are, at the ‘hard wired’ desires/bias/fetish levels (all the same actually, just degrees of)….so the gals in our lives either accpet that or not….but is a 2 way street. I went down that street many many times, till finally married at 40 yo….& lots of haircut experinces in that time too….all good ones… :)) BTW….only found one woman who had the ‘shaved nape fetish’, like me…& she even, to bluntly say it, would come to orgasism by just stroking it, for real!!….was our collective ‘fetish dream’ come true!!!!! At least can say I have had that experience for about 3 years…. :)))….but, the price was too high on other levels, so not last…..but was so grand on that level daily!!……..ahhhh life…. :))

      Hang in there CB….just be who you are, & be honest….then all things always work out in the end….with truths…..


  10. AngleBobCut

    A little late in responding here, but I like the grow out plan for Mrs. CB.

    Mrs. CB has hair to die for, so almost any style would look great on her. I would love to see her sporting the long bob pic on this post (with some stacking in the back).

    While a clippered nape may be sensuous to the touch, there something to be said for running your fingers through some thick gorgeous locks as well.

    Have a great time in Mexico.


  11. Wally

    Just remember, you can have both long hair and either V shaped buzzed sideburns or that lovely undercut nape.

    MrsCB has thick enough hair that she could easily wear undercuts. One always has to look for the silver lining.

    Sometimes that long hair may spark different emotions, but you always have that buzzed nape or sideburns to feed your super short needs.

    Back in the early 80’s when my wife had long hair, I got her to cut those V shaped sideburns when they were very popular ( today’s side cuts have much more area being buzzed). Just those little V’s kept my hair fires burning.

    Have a great vacation!

  12. Shorter

    @ Waner222 and CD,
    My wife had a long bob about 2 years ago, about 2 inches past her chin. One day she was out with her twin sister and decided to cut her short into a pixie cut. I loved the haircut and I was surprised but it’s almost like it didn’t happen at all because I never got to see it cut off. A couple months latter of growing it out it was my birthday and I asked her to cut shorter, she did and I got to watch it all, the only regret is that I didn’t get to videotape it. Secretly from my ipad. She hated the really short hair and has been growing it ever since. She knows I hated it that she went and cut her hair in surprise for me. I told her if you really wanted to surprise me, tell me jump in he car we are going to run and errand, and bring my ipad for me and pull up in front of the salon, and say I’m ready for a short haircut. That would blow me away. I have always made a point to her that she should never cut your hair short if I’m not there. I would be so upset. Anyway, a while back she said she would cut for my birthday this august. Here is to hopping!!

  13. oakie

    On to searching other sites… appreciative for the past, but looking for the cool clippered bob / shaved nape. This site has dried up and “grown long”. Thanks, will check back in 3-4 months. ps. Eva and Christy’s undercuts can light a fire!

    1. napeluvr

      Reluctantly agree.

      With the last number of posts, not only supporting ‘long hair’, but ‘wanting’ it….the orginal intent & purpose of the room has changed. Of, course, Mrs. CB has all the right to do with her hair as she wishes, & CB has no other ability other than to go along with it….but the point remains, his (& ours/intent of the rm.) wanting, & fetish, for short hair/shaved nape, is now currently gone. Sad, in our collective fetish ways, & for CB….but is the world, as it changes, on macro & micro scales. Just look at the ‘public/sheeple’ that voted, again, for a Marxist/Socialist, & refused to see the facts out there on the net of him….again, times of change….but not for the better, in both these cases. Just being real, & honest. So, CB, & all, will see where this merrygo round goes…….

      Hang in there CB…..it will work out just fine, with open honestly & love…. :)


  14. Wayner222

    Don’t worry CB, There are still plenty of us willing to wait and see where this goes. You can’t have an up without a little down. A while back Mrs 222 had a long grow out, more than 6 inches. One day we went in for a trim up, and she pulled a picture out of her purse and said “like that” out of nowhere. In minutes we were back to short hair. I love a big change haircut, but you have to wait for it.

  15. Perfect-Cut


    After reading all the comments I firmly come down on the side that I will be a regular checking in and commenting on the site & any posts. Your Hair Couple anguish is like following a soap opera with ups and downs, surprises and let downs. Mrs CB is so cute I can’t imagine that she will ever sport a cut or style that I won’t love.


  16. Perfect-Cut

    Hair Fans,

    Excuse me if I use CooloBobs site to announce that I have just posted my “catch-up” post at http://www.The-Perfect-Cut.com. It is my longest ever with over 4 new videos and over 100 new photos in the post and 3 new galleries. And we only are up to November 7th of last year. Take a look and check in as I post several more blogs covering the rest of November and December.


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