May 21

50 Shades of Brown


Cheer up

So another weekend slipped through my fingers.

I think I lost a lot of you with the past few posts and my birthday extravaganza .. I know you all don’t get it. I do hope for the same game next year…. but that game is over now. So life settled back to normal. Something kind of terrible for the family happened and I have a huge financial storm brewing- but I won’t talk about it here….

If you remember Mrs. CB was on the outs with the stylist.. but she never really did anything to find someone new… She needed her hair colored and she booked herself with the old stylist. During the time of my birthday I had told her several times that her hair was looking fried and the blond was too blond.. I blamed it on the old stylist as she was an easy target. I never really thought much more about it.

Cheer up-1

If your wife goes to the salon for color you know it can take a long time….. So this was a random Thursday night and I watched TV with my daughter…. the biggest thing on my mind was what was for dinner. My daughter and I decided Mrs CB should have to pick up a pizza on the way home as she left us with no food. Yeah I am a little spoiled and really don’t cook. So I figured she had to be getting close and started texting her to text back when she was getting close and we would call in the food.

Cheer up-1-2 Cheer up-2

I was watching my phone and waiting to order the pizza. When I saw her text I am on my way. I started in on what I wanted her to do.. and how we were starving… She texted back.. “wait until you see me”. That is when my mouth hung open and my daughter was watching my face … “what’s wrong Dad” – I was speechless . I asked her to skip the pizza and come straight home… in my nicest “Please” My daughter is still not over getting gipped on pizza.

The garage door sounds and the dogs race for the door. My heart thumps … and I try to see her as she pulls in the garage. Holy shit her hair is brown……… I know some of you are snoozing at a boring bob…. I guess you will just have to be bored yet again. This baby was a swingy bouncy bob… not like the haystack from a few weeks back.

Cheer up-3

The story goes the stylist was a little upset Mrs. CB had gone elsewhere… and seemed to be a lot more interested in doing a good job. Mrs. CB was feeling bad about our recent bad luck and thought I could use a little surprise. Of course the stylist thought the other cut ( well cuts) were not done well and proceeded to cut on it for some time….

Cheer up-4

Of course my good camera was out of power so I used our travel camera for a few shots. Contrasting with the shaggy long mess I have been working with all winter this was a great change… Brown.. with bangs and starting to get short again.. it was like dating a whole new women.

Cheer up-5 Cheer up-5-2

This is a  real cool bob for now..it really reminds me of the Joke bob I was targeting. … and as this was a couple weeks back I now think Mrs. CB can be convinced to get that back clipper cut again. Forgive me if I am a little quiet over the next month I got some big personal issues brewing… but ..


I have been told I might have a great long Memorial day weekend coming up. – You know I always share.





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  1. AngleBobCut

    Her hair looks great. A short rounded bouncy bob – very nice. I also love the color. And I bet the bangs are a great compliment to this style. It would be great if you could post a frontal shot to show the bangs.


    1. CBadmin

      I did play with how I could Dr. a picture and still give you all a good look. In the end I think I need Mrs CB to participate in a photo, specifically for this purpose… Since we don’t have to do all the pictures of the buzzed nape it should leave time for some bang/fringe shots…..

  2. wayner222

    I really like the darker color. Bob looks great too. Would look even more awesome clippered up in back. Good luck Memorial Day weekend. Mrs 222 is due for a cut this week, last couple have been less than great, hoping it comes out as nice as Mrs CB. Shorter version of course! Wishing you well, keep us updated when you can.

    1. CBadmin

      Hey Wayner….
      I hope you get something nice to enjoy over the holiday weekend. I am really digging the rich brown. It does look a little red in the pictures… but it is not. It is a medium rich brown…….. well it was for the first few days….

      1. wayner222

        Mrs. 222 got her hair cut the other day. First thing she did was pull out the not so short card. The stylist looked at me, smiled and said “ok”, then proceeded to do one of the shortest cuts Mrs has ever had! I love our sylist!

  3. Enzo

    The only people that you might have last were the ones that don’t realize that this blog is called Cool BOBs, not shaved napes. Mrs. CB’s bob is without a doubt cool. I love it! The overall shape is strikingly similar to the bob worn by our good friend Hans’ wife Joke. It almost looks like joke darkened her hair. and speaking of the color, I love it. I’m finding darker shades give a bob like this a much more rich, luxurious look to them. Enjoy this bob for all it is… swingy, thick, and healthy looking.


    1. Running with Scissors

      Amen Brother!

    2. CBadmin

      You are right … as usual . It is about cool bobs.

      Now I often like cool bobs with some clipper cutting going on.. but I like many variations. I am a sucker for the Bobs of Joke. It was exactly this I was going after… I love the way the hair fans out. I will say this. If her hair decides to poke out in all directions… it isn’t nearly this cool.

      This is when I stand in the bathroom trying to be helpful and pointing out the weird rebel pieces.. Not always so welcome.

  4. Spud

    The witch is back :-)

    1. CBadmin

      The witch is back…….

      … she has promised me at least a little clippering on Friday night….if the stylist has quite or the salon has no power….

      We will have to get her a witch hat.

  5. Shelf

    CB, that is one mean bob and some great color. This is the kind of bob with all of its swing, texture and bounce that makes you love bobs for life. There’ just nothing quite like it. Glad to see you get some hair love!

    Also, saw The Great Gatsby over the weekend with Miss Shelf. Not exactly a pick me up movie, but Carey Mulligan’s bob leads the way in a bob-filled movie that will definitely get any hairhead going.


    1. CD

      Check out Alice Eve in Star Trek into Darkness.

      1. CBadmin

        I intend on checking out that blond bob this weekend.

        1. Perfect-Cut

          It is beautiful. She “ear-tucks” it in most shots but the few scenes where the brite blonde hangs naturally and “untucked” are GREAT.


    2. CBadmin

      The bounce and swing of a bob…..nothing will black out my thoughts at the store than some cute lady bouncing her bob around.

      For me she might as well be naked…….

      1. wayner222

        Exactly how I feel when I see a neatly clippered nape. Wouldn’t notice if she was naked!

        1. Rockon

          You crack me up Wayner….but it would be the same for me!!! Love a tight, neatly clippered nape!!

  6. Running with Scissors

    The new color and this cut are just superb! The stacking is really well done and I love the way the fringe peaks out at the bottom. I know a majority of us love a clippered nape but it’s nice to change things up every now and then and this is a real nice change.

    1. CBadmin

      Thanks RWS…

      and for my next change up I hope to get closer to what we all find to be the Mrs. CB classic.

  7. motorbiking

    Yep – I too like the colour though it will probably fade quite quickly. I also Like the cut – let her keep that for a while. Hope the job/finance/whatever issues get sorted soon – good luck on that.

    1. CBadmin

      Wow … that is what I thought when I read this.
      You do know what you are talking about, the stylist said that too. She said the highlights will come through rather quickly… a couple of weeks later you are both Spot on…

      O I love the brown, we will see if Mrs CB pushes another color direction. .

      1. Enzo

        I’d like to add to this by saying when my wife got the chunky highlights last year, it looked great, but was very hard to upkeep. She eventually decided to color them all brunette again. At first I was sad to see them go, but within a few weeks,, as the brunette faded, it’s created subtle chocolate highlights.

      2. motorbiking

        It should take better next time, it just takes a couple of goes to soak in to the blonde as the bleach makes the hair more porous and less able to hold the colour.

        A good colourist would consider pre-pigmenting before applying colour to heavily highlighted hair, but it takes more time.

  8. Rockon

    Hey CB,

    Sorry to hear that you will be going through some stuff in the next few weeks, real life sucks sometimes!! I must say that I love the bob. I’m into the shaved nape too, but agree that this looks stunning on Mrs CB!!! Then again, she should probably take a butchered up haircut and make it look good, just saying!!

    Hope all goes well with everything you have going on right now. I’ll be waiting for the next installment of this adventure.

    Give your beautiful bride my best!


    1. CBadmin

      Thanks Rock on…

      I hate to whine about my personal non hair things. It is however part of our relationship. Just when I get my parents taken care of her comes a big financial blow to wipe out my nest egg.

      Mrs CB and I celebrate our 20th anniversary this October/November and even if we have to go on the credit card we are heading for Mexico … and The picture at the top of this blog ( and all over facebook) is Mrs CB after an anniversary cut.

      I can’t wait for the 20 year cut.

      1. wayner222

        If you can get a cut to top that one it will have to be pretty spectacular.

      2. Rockon

        That’s my favorite cut of Mrs CB…I certainly hope she goes for something like that for your anniversary if not sooner!!!

      3. Napeluvr

        Agree…that pic on top of page is by far, her best style cut to date…..fits her head/hair type extremely well. Happy dreaming & waiting… :)

  9. Fastlane10

    Gorgeous! Truly stunningly gorgeous!

  10. Hans

    Dear friendster
    On behalf of joke and myself we are very very very pleased
    To see our efforts been done by professionals
    We admire THE pica’s and Than for all THE fantastic
    Cuttingqualities of THE hairdresser who idd this.
    Even better als with Joke

  11. Hans

    Sorry for THE misstakes; my iPad is bringing
    My english to my native tongue

  12. Frank

    That’s what I’m talking about – a perfect look for Mrs. CB. Don’t know how you could improve on that.

  13. Roman

    Love this haircut. I think it’s one of the most beautiful haircuts a woman can wear. I see it a lot where I live. This and the asymmetric bob ( not a fan ) are very popular. Well done Mrs CB.

  14. Stan

    The Color is real pretty and the Cut is pretty………. I just don’t like Bangs. I think the most flattering way a woman can part her hair is to line up the part with the Arch of her eyebrow to the outer corner of her eye. Then a little lift on top. Then……….. wow. Take care, Stan

  15. orangenoise

    Looks fantastic

  16. hans

    Dear Bobfriends
    What I forgot to say is, that I adore the way Mrs CB is undergoing this fantastic
    stacked bob. This hairdresser should have a statue in the heart off London.
    HairdresserSquare i.s.o. TrafalgarSquare
    This example is so perfect. And with the fringe is makes us more feminine

  17. Stan the man

    Love the the cut and color. Hope you and mrs cb had a great week end

  18. Napeluvr

    A very very nice cut & transformation….. :)


  19. Napeluvr


    Another very nice angled ‘bob’, & nape…. :)

    1. wayner222


    2. Napeluvr

      agree….sweet!!!… :)

  20. Rockon

    I wonder if Mrs CB did a clipper cut last Friday??

  21. Napeluvr

    Hey…this is a great cut!….very attractive, & great nape!…….wonder who this is???…. :)

    BTW CB….I have that same lamp shade on our table….like minds & all that….lol.


  22. Perfect-Cut


    Now I have some time to take a real detailed look at the Mrs’ most recent cut – OUTSTANDING. The “stack” in the back is head-turning beautiful. Mrs Perfect-Cut’s hair is thin and we could never get a stack like that.

    On that topic, I haven’t posted much recently BUT the cuts have continued and I have piles of photos. I figured out that it is the video posting on YouTube that is so demanding and takes so much time. SOOOOO, I plan over the next few days to post the stills of the last six months of haircuts, coloring and just fun date and travel photos in the Gallery section of The-Perfect-Cut.com.

    So, CoolBobs fans stop on by and check us out. We are now sporting a blonde-over-natural Bowl Cut with #1 fade clippered nape and sides. So there should be something for most CoolBobs fans.


    1. Napeluvr

      Great cut….& attractive wifie there!!…..& looks like she enjoys it too, & that makes for a whole different & better experience……for both as well…. :)

      1. Perfect-Cut


        I have worn her down over time and built her trust, so oftentimes I get what I want BUT every once in a whlie we have a bit a tussle about exactly what to do. Sometimes it is a misunderstanding but sometimes she is just digging in her heels (cute high heels usually ;-). But I love her to death and the fact that she puts up with this kink I have is huge.


        1. Napeluvr


          It is interesting what, & how, you worded your words. It seems to be a common mantra with ‘all’ of us with our women/short hair/shaved nape/idol worshippings….lol. We seem to all have to convince, or coerce in some ways them, over a period of time. And as you said, they ‘dig in their heels’, & make a periodic stands. All part of the assertion that it is ‘their’ body/hair after all. Way of the psychological mind. My woman too, takes a stand every once in a while over the past 18 years….generally in the form of..”don’t cut it too short this time” (I cut her hair…’bob’ cuts)…even tho is the same ~ length & cut….part of the inner need for control. That is the ‘tussle’, you worded well, & is reality periodically it seems for us all. Heck, we all have that too for ourselves….part of Life.

          The only time, & a woman in my life that did not have these control issues…out of some ~12 gals over a ~25+ year period, that I cut their hair, & satisfied my tactal “stubble fetish”….only ‘one’ gal was completely ‘voluntary’ on her own. And, the reason was that she too had a “feeling the stubble” fetish, that she found out after I cut her hair & shaved nape, & it literally causd her ot have climax’s, when touched & stroked…even just that & nothing else….not kidding!! Was a great couple of years, & a dream we all have…but, in the end, was the ‘only’ real good thing, & even that wore thin over time (never thot that could!) = got out of that reationship. But, at least can say & relate it is possible, & have experinced it fully, & like my/our fetish’s…. just once tho.

          So…you, I, & we, hang in there with our own scenarios….& do the best that we can with our real fetish’s, as our women either indulge, or not, & to what degree, & when. Like what CB is going thru right now….I live ~25 miles north of him, & can hear the sighing from here at times….lol…. :)

          Ah, the game of Life…. & fetishes….lolll….. :)


  23. Napeluvr

    …..great cut….nice nape…. :)


  24. Napeluvr

    …..just found this…..”Napes to die for” …yes, ther perfect title…. :)


    1. Rockon

      I just looked at this last night…I believe if linked it off of Enzo’s site…I especially liked the first model with the reddish hair. Perfect angle and amount of nape exposed. A beautiful nape indeed.

      Thanks Napeluvr!!

  25. LondonBobTog

    Hi CB

    Apologies for the lack of contact.

    I have to say that Mrs CB’s cut is beautiful; very well executed. Great to see the shorter roundness at the nape. And the colour/sheen is gorgeous too. As you – and others – have said, a very ‘cool bob’.

    Last week I was working in Brazil – now back in London – then next week I’m in Peru. So little or no time for my model photography. So I’m having a rather barren time too.

    Sorry to hear that you’re entering into difficult times. E-mail me if you would like a chat.


    LBT :)

  26. Napeluvr

    very very nice…. :)


    1. Rockon

      Would be a great look on Mrs CB in my opinion!!

      1. haircrazy

        I’m with you guys on this asymmetric style…I think it would look very nice on Mrs CB. A nice “edgy” break from your basic inverted bob.

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