About the Cool Bobs blog.

I have always had a special place in my heart for great looking bob haircuts and the ladies that wear them. I am lucky enough to have a lady with a great head of hair that loves to wear her bobs in all sorts of cool styles. Out here on the internet I found I was not alone… many many men prefer these shorter haircuts on their ladies. No matter what bob haircut my wife is currently wearing I am alwasy out to tweak it and change it up for next time… it is an adventure. These haircuts don’t alwasy work out…. but many times they classify as a cool bob to be injoyed until the next salon appointment rolls around.

I have shared my stories and photographs for the last 15 years and I have found many that appreciate my adventures. I hope you can join us. You are welcome to lurk, I would hope you don’t repost all my pictures and discourage others. You may save them for yourself. If you really want to join in please make a comment, send in a picture maybe visit a sponser. There are many ways to be part of our group.

This site ran for 18 months and it was destroyed by hacker vandles and turned it into a malware distribution site. It destroyed hundreds of hours of work, and we hope that doesn’t happen again.

I am glad you have joined us and hope you will add us to your bookmarks/favorites.


Once you have lurked for a bit jump in with an anonymous comment… or find some way to contribute.




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  1. Enzo

    So glad to have you back CB. Your inner most thoughts and insight that you share make us all feel that we are not alone

  2. Jeff

    Hi CB,
    I am a big fan of the Bob Haircut!! My question is,why doesn’t your wife let you cut her hair anymore?? When my wife had our first born she let me cut all her hair off into a really short bob. It was half way down her back at the time,wow, what a turn on!! Now she stopped letting me cut it & she’s growing it out. I hate it. Any advice??


    1. CBadmin

      Hi Jeff….

      I did not even realize you could post to this about section. I think as our wives and girlfriends get older they are a little less daring. All you can do is be honest and let her know what it means to you.
      I see the best group of diappointed guys are the ones quietly hoping their wives will come around.

      Just my 2 cents

  3. motorbiking

    Hi Jeff, I would suggest a carrot/stick approach. But before that find out why she wont let you cut it. If she questions your ability then you need to fix that first. But in terms of encouragement, making comments about how great she looked with short hair and how it made her look slim/young/stylish [insert appropriate complement]. If that fails then you can trade. I’ll buy you that new car if you let me cut your hair again. 😉 etc.

    I’ve been cutting hair for a while and mrs motorbiking encourages me to do courses and seminars (normally my special treats – carrot and stick work both ways 😉 ), so now I have a much better understanding of it. I’m lucky enough to have other “clients” (some pro-hairdressers) too, so its turned my fetish in to a more acceptable hobby, that is about the transformation and quality of the cut/colour, rather than something that I personally find a bit embarrassing. A bob, while simple is not so simple that you don’t need to understand the basics. I hope this helps and I also hope your question was open to all to reply.

    1. CBadmin

      I think you offer good advice… I am not too proud to offer a good solid trade.

  4. bobbygirl

    do it in your own time cb and well done for coming back happy new year and good luck

  5. Haarfan

    Happy New Year to @ll

    I´m happy to find to your new blog Mr. CB. And – as bobbygirl said – do it in your time.
    I’ll send you pics when my wife declaires spring and i’m allowed to shave her nape again.

    Greetings from Germany :)

    1. CBadmin

      Thanks Haarfan…

      It seems the less pressure I put on myself the more likely I am to do something with the site.

      Haar fans around the world….. great hair looks good in every language. :)

  6. Beambeam

    It is time to cut that hair into that sexy bob again ! Please give us all the tidbits and on you tube also !

  7. Beambeam

    Orange and black hair for October , folks!

  8. Shorter

    it’s Valentine’s Day, does anybody have a good story?I thought maybe I would check here and find some surprise from someone in the groupwould be getting to see a lot of hair fall on the ground. There is a class reunion this summer so I will not be seeing any cutting the entire summer! I have warned her though that my birthday is in August, you can grow it till then!! :-) well see if that works! Hahah

  9. Michael Dennis Stell

    Stell Roofing

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